Three Poems by Elemide Benjamin Odunayo

living testament

i bathed forgiveness in blood
streaming from the lamb’s side
at crossroad of heaven and hell

i learn to pray on repentant knees
at the foot of eternal tree
with hope seeking ripe fruits
that nourish spirit with life

i found the holy river
flowing from the holy sun
its ripples are mysteries
its bubbles are illuminations

i became drunk
love built mansions
in the eternity of my heart

i learn the art of dying
by ascending mountains
walking dry land of the Red sea
till there is passover unto life
after crossing over death

i learn it is not enough
to be saved until
the saved become safe
to save the unsaved

salvation is not safety
but the unblinding of the eyes
to see the path to the tree
when he was hung

i learn to hang on the tree of life
to become a message
a well
a river
with living water
from which men quench thirst
in this eternal journey home


is staircase
to new world
where new creatures,
redeemed from cursed gene
which was transcribed into flesh,
live in liberty of faith, of grace, of life.

Heaven descended the purged stair
for visitation of repentant hearts,
fellowship of renewed spirits
in the journey through
cross-crossed paths
to channel men to


Our lives
are a seamless sentence
in the eternity of essays.

Commas are circumstances
that break us into meanings,
and meanings into us.

Death is not a full stop;

it begins another journey
of streaming alphabets
passing through life –

life is an infinity of thought.

Elemide Benjamin Odunayo

Elemide Benjamin Odunayo is a creative and inspirational writer. He is a spoken word poet, and events moderator. He is the visioneer of The Great Minds, a team of young gifted minds making a difference in the world. He is a speaker and teacher, and have spoken with young people on various platforms. His works have appeared on various local and international anthologies, both online and in print. He is a final year student of Biochemistry, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.


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