Redemption by Obiora Somtochukwu

Alas and did my savior bleed

Was it for me his blood he shed?

Does he in heaven now my cause pleads?

Did he my standing with the father append?


Can i boldly come to the throne of grace?

No longer to fear my eternal fate?

Am I now enlisted in heavens’ race?

No longer a stranger on heaven’s gate?



Oh wonderful salvation

The swiftest transaction

A blessed reunion

A glorious communion

A lofty position


I filled with sin and a child of hell

I who as the prodigal son derailed

Then I heard his wind whisper in my ear

His word said I had nothing to fear

If I could accept his glorious offer

And his righteousness which he doth proffer

I’d be white as snow, no! Even whiter!!!

My sin for his righteousness oh! what a batter!!!


And so here I stand, redeemed, forgiven

For his life on the cross for me was given


Obiora Somtochukwu

Obiora Somtochukwu, a graduate that loves mentoring youths. A great writer and the president of my campus fellowship while in school.




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