Who God is by Samuel Oladele

God is a being of love.
He spring out love into this void planet.
Gave us his image.
Who is as pure as He?
Gave us free will.
Gave us His son as means to salvation.
Who is like unto Him?
Let His name be Holy for He is a just God.
He has hands dwelling in eternity.
He: time that we pass through.
He: church that lives in us.
The clock of our pure beginning.
Our ineffable and impeccable potter.
Who are we that He finds suitable
for His marvellous love?
Glory and houour be to His name.
Samuel Oladele is an undergraduate student studying Applied Chemistry at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. He is a Christian who attends CAC. He writes for his publicity unit in the University chapel. He aspires to be a writer and loves spoken word poetry.