Poetry | Jesus by Rick Davis


You come to me
in the balm of night

and breathe out honey.
I awake – it is 4:00 AM

wearing a dark shroud
of sinful morning.

As i read the Gospel of John
You light

my half-cracked windows
and reaching eyes.

My mind glows
in the light of words

noticing a dancing tree
outside – as branches

are tossed
by sacred wind.

I head back to bed

loving stars
pass through me.



my sin is like
yellow rain

falling through
broken trees

but grace is like
a seaward sky

leaving me
benign and pliable

so that I become
a calm clean river.


July Prayer

Anxiety floats
to the surface looking

like furniture upholstered
with clear vinyl.

I explore the
insanity of stars.

The sun both
rises and sets.

My thoughts sing
like counterfeit stars.

The full moon
casts a foggy halo.


Rick Davis lives in  the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago,  Illinois, USA., with his wife.  He is a graduate of Northeastern  Illinois University, and has completed graduate work at several schools.  He has worked in market research, and  in  several customer  service positions