Inspirational Poetry by Stephen Obinna Abara



In a world filled with tribulation
In a world filled with hate and crimes
In a world filled with evils of all kinds
Yet , a man born in the home of animals
came to rescue all to salvation

Many have argued about this miracle
yet, can’t make a sense of why they argue
miracles have been done year in year out
just by pronouncing ‘HIS NAME’
believing and working in faith

Amazing Being ever created unto Himself
gave life which man and woman often take for granted
they kill, persecute, tell lies just to be on top lols.

HE must be watching and smiling on these
crazy creatures though astonishing beings of all times
JESUS IS THE NAME! To God Be All Great





( Inspired by a friend -Mr. Eric Partanen)



At the crossroad of life and existence (pause)

Lies opportunity to meet likeminded souls

Just like their maker


At the crossroad of thought and faith (pause)

Loving, sharing ideas, and given unconditionally

Love unconditional, is Love given, and love cherished

Highly priced, yet unknown by many


Love unconditional, is love that bears each other’s burden

Who dwell on the flesh, and within the blood?

The spirit is in touch with this unconditional ‘FORM’

Yet, the forms of Life, is the designs of Love

Designed to suit Love itself

Being cherished, all at once


This unconditional surprise is melting the Earth

With subtle consideration undeserved

This form and designs are, and where, present even at birth

Nevertheless, ‘IT’S truth per excellence


Unconditional love smells like the rose around your enclaves

You’re an inspiration to humanity, and to my ‘inner child’

Whose real consciousness was once in tune with?

The earth, the moon, the sun and the stars

But now, in check to measure up once again lols


Thank you for your unconditional love

‘I AM’; and, are willing to embrace this love



(Dedicated to Aunty Helen)


Have ever met Madame ‘Grace’ and Mister

‘Love’ all together working in your life?

Think very deeply about your life from

Birth till today and feel the impact of this

Grace and love surrounding your person,

Your spirit, your soul and your body.

Many are called but few are chosen.

Though we choose, and are free in liberty

To be or not to be, we are still called to be

In the Lord at all times

In being in the Lord, Unconditionally, we are charmed to Love to embrace the Grace sufficient for us to live good lives and come in contact with the Lord.
The miracle we enjoy every day in our lives

Are due to grace of God in our lives. We

Can’t pretend that it doesn’t exist, nor as if

We can do all things without ‘HIM’- our

Everyday ‘MIRACLE. God is our strength

With our worldly challenges and in our

Spiritual journey and when we are

Enjoying the fruits of our labor.

When you come to learn about grace, you

Have nothing to fear again, and when you

Come to learn about HIS LOVE, you are

Entirely free in his presence to enjoy your

Life and get ready to meet the Lord.





My sunshine, our sunshine, and our country’s Pride
The rare gem whose exist is immortal glory
Let it go! Let it go! While worry when you can pray?
Let it go! Let it go! While worry when you are full of


My sunshine, our sunshine, our Christly pride
Enchanted with love above ready to calm a soul
To sobriety, and ready to challenge a mind to think


Our sunshine, the beauty of the earth, and of the


Be in the Lord-Rest in the bosom of the Most High!



Stephen obinna Abara


Senior Business Intelligence Analyst and HSE Consultant, Stephen Obinna Abara, is an Afro-American-Canadian Author of three books, and a Playwright, Novelist and poet resident in Calgary, Alberta. His book of Inspired Poetry titled: “Anthology of African Poetry U.SA” (2012), is very inspiring and brilliant piece of work and can be found on Amazon, Barne and Nobles, Indigo Stores, Calgary public library, Toronto Public Library, Harriet Tubman centre for Migration York University, York University Libraries Toronto, and more than 30 online stores across the globe.


Mr. Abara’s newly published and captivating drama: ‘Ome Ihe jide of Afo’, is a drama looking to be staged in Calgary Alberta Canada this year, and has scripted into a movie by the Heart Menders Production in collaboration with Danny El Films. His forthcoming Novel is on the Prodigal Mother- an exhilarating, enchanting and inspirational novel of a prodigy who left his home land in Africa seeking for better life elsewhere in the West. A number of Articles concerning his works have appeared on more than 40 online Newspapers, print Medias and other Media outlets around the globe.


Widely travelled across Europe, America and Africa, he has never stopped learning new things while reading and writing Poetry. An award winner of a Canadian Millennium scholarship fund, Stephen holds four bachelor’s degrees: Philosophy, Arts, International studies and Political Science from Urban University Rome, University of Port- Harcourt Nigeria, West Africa, and York University Canada.

Stephen who often wears an amiable, inviting and friendly facial expression is an adventurist, a Nigerian Merchant Navy Sub-Lieutenant and a talented and entertaining performer who is able to convey a Powerful message with a great sense of humor!! He has performed spoken and Heard Poetry across Canada and Africa.


He is a member of Alberta Playwright Network; this is My City Organization Calgary serving the Homeless population, and Glendon African Foundation Toronto. Also, he was a two tenured Senate Member of York University Senate Chamber, Canada where he used this position to advance the academic needs and interest of 50, 000 students including students at Glendon campus.


Stephen’s love of Poetry and writing has inspired his various collection and creation of a range of poems, fiction, and non-fiction and drama; He enjoys film acting, singing, writing music and playing musical instruments. His articles have appeared on numerous International Magazines and Newspapers across Africa, Europe, North America and Asia.


You can reach the author through his publishing company –Glomac Media publishers Canada Book Author and Spoken Word Artist                        Subscribe to: Networked blogs: ‘success roots’