Osalam Wosu




Of all trees that graced Israel

most blessed

Blessed with a curse

to carry the weight of a man

Of all men that walked the earth

most righteous

Righteously imbued

with the sins of this world


Birthed in hay

and cradled in a pen

The moonlight songs of angels

through a cold night did ring

of the advent of a star whose light

through the ages would shine

The Son of Man dies for a life free of sin for mankind

Elevated with shame with a thorny crown and spilled blood

Blood shed on the cursed land so rivers pure

in our hearts would flood


The sky has flooded

with a gray visage

The earth has rumbled

in a sorrowful cry

Roman armour is no shield against the mournful dark that has encompassed Calvary The second in the trinity

has been crucified

Stripped of dignity

Laid bare for all to see and mock

The prophecies will come to pass

Though he be kept in the belly of a rock


Alas! Death has been swept aside

on the third glorious day

Like a haystack in open fields

swayed back and forth

on a stormy day

Women,  set aside your ointments

For life hath bloomed

in the midst of death

Clothed in preeminence

our saviour is risen

Your resurrection leaves on my lips

nothing but praising


Of all trees that graced the earth

most favoured

Dejected, rejected

From gracing the lavish halls of sinful kings

Only to be chosen to fulfil the prophecy

Of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, the king of kings.





In my waters, your hands

you wash clean

Feigning innocence to this

horrible sin

The wolves cry loud

“crucify him! “

Your clothes in the sun does glitter

but your mind’s light is dim

To the Son of man that standeth

before thee

Bruised and beaten but by whose chains

we are made free


Your once clean hands now seem

red as blood

That little bowl you washed in

now holds a flood

But fear not; a tool in Prophecy’s hands

you are, mighty Pontius

So by this man’s death sin may burn away

in the flame of the righteous

An annulment of iniquity to

all those who believe

A second and eternal life so even

the dead may live


On the third day, risen you are

Oh!  Rose of Sharon

Behold! how women with casks of frankincense do run

The glow of your face

They can barely behold

Testament to prophesies that have

been long foretold

“Eloi Eloi… lama sabbachthani “ now a forgotten story

As the angelic host await your ascent in glory

Death’s stronghold has been dealt a great blow

So through the crevices from on high

Living waters may flow


Through the holes in your hands

We behold our salvation

And our calling to paradise as God’s own nation

Sidestepping the assault of

eternal damnation

We welcome the comforter with your blood poured….as libation




I feel it in the air

I taste it in the water

Feuds arising among father and son

mother and daughter

Evil is brewing for us a deathly ale

Our souls into his eternal inferno he would love to hale

So cometh that which prophets of old did presage; the ends of time

Do you recall when they spoke saying

“your salvation is prime” ?


This is the time when war

is the only route to peace

When the wealthy covets that owned by the poor, wanting a piece

Men will do all and anything

in this time for fame

Evil to us is now a household name

Beware! Be warned! The end of time approaches

Put not your trust in carnal things

but dwell on the Spirit’s riches


Listen to the Spirit within you

let Him speak

You will find in him absolution

if only you can seek

The world does say this earth

will be inherited by the meek

The wicked will forever be cast to the ground

I beseech you then,  to be prepared

for the trumpet’s sound

Wisdom is principal, love is essential,

and be not by sin bound

For unto all men hath appeared God’s grace that brings salvation

Grace that surpasses all understanding

and is greater than any nation

Meditate day and night upon this Holy Word

And be not gladdened when

you see amongst yourselves discord


For the Son of Man cometh;

be ye he who prays not faints

So on that day in joy

you will ascend with the saints


Osalam Wosu was born in 1996 in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He is currently studying Chemical engineering in Federal University of Technology, Owerri. His first scrapbook SUPERNAL MIND is forthcoming. He loves to write and read poetry. He was recently awarded on his poem COLONIZED… YET AGAIN.


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