POETRY | THE MYSTERY by Ogide Joy Ugonma




This gospel,

The entire book of the bible,

Summed in one,

Love from the top.

This sin,

Man took in

Acted on deceit,

Losing our free gift.

This savior,

Giving a second option,

Took in our nature,

To show us the way forth.

This false blame,

Already pre proclaimed,

Shame and pain,

He took for our gain.

This death,

The end of threats

Burdens lifted.

Delay prohibited.

This burial,

Challenge with the rival,

Keys collected in actual

All for your revival.

This resurrection,

The grave no longer in contention,

Death an illusion.

Sin in eviction.

This ascension,

Giving redemption,

Away from misery,

Now in glory.




I love you

How much you may not know.

The sin I detest,

I took upon to give you rest.

From heaven I descended,

Took the nature of the flesh

Became the lamb rejected.

I love you

Blameless, you pushed the blame,

Faultless you found a fault.

So I took the stakes, only for your sake

Shamed, disgraced, I took all the pain.

I love you

When the breath was fading, my last words I gave you

It is finished, the entire plan of the enemy tarnished.

The veil torn, you can reach me one on one.

In calm I lay, for 3 full days,

Descending into hell, collecting the key for myself.

And when death I defeated, and even the grave had rejected.

I rose, more precious than gold.

I love you

Ascending back to the father,

I left you my comforter.

Now, I watch, waiting for you to come closer.




It began, love preplanned.

From creation, to prevent separation

Realizing something missing, He gave man a living.

Without damage, in His very own image.

Then came the serpent, stealing away our perfect.

Sin He could not behold, He had to let us go.

But love preplanned, made  Him come back.

Our sinful nature, He made a feature.

Came down to stay, and show us the way.

But the painful price, He still had to pay.

Dead to the world, alive for God.

In shame, he was crucified,

In burial, He gave revival.

Taking your burden, making it light.

Taking the weight, giving you peace of mind.

Replacing the failure, with good favor.

Then He arose, King of Glory in all abode.

This is the beauty, the Christian mystery.

Back on the throne, glory He shone.

The gap now filled, the way now fulfilled.

Calling out to every self, do not waste the blood I shed.

Forever willing, to take you under His bidding.

Love so pure, Love so freely dispersed.

So it began, Love preplanned.


Miss Ogide Joy Ugonma, an undergraduate student of the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers state, undergoing a 5 year program in the department of Mechatronic engineering currently in level 300. Born into a family of 2 kids in the year 1998. Her love for God and passion for writing inspires her to do some freelance writing and participate in some competitions. She graduated from secondary school; Istan Comprehensive High School as the best graduating student in the year 2014. She is an aspiring writer, and In her free time, she loves to read novels and watch football games.





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