I have slept through storm

But how do you sleep in this

GET UP and pray

So you don’t fall into temptation

My spirit is greatly troubled

Like the sea by the tempest


He moved a bit

But his feet gave way

And he sank unto the floor

Sweat thick as blood oozing from his pores

Pa my feet now is very cold

The content of this cup is too much for me

If you so wish may I pass it on

Yet nothing breaks the Rendezvous

And please don’t give heed to my desires

But may thy will alone be done



I am highly tempted to drop this cross

Golgatha, you are just too far away

I am spat at, I am cursed

Flogged along the way, dragged along the floor


But Women of Samaria

All these tears for me?

Are you so sure of yourselves?

And are thy children well and kept

Look at me in my plight

I am the son of my father


Daddy, see the men who oppress and molest me

Look at them that blaspheme and lie

One thing I ask, oh Father

In all thy love and compassion for thy seed

Not a thing should thou have on these ones

For they are ignorant little children

And know not that which they do

Of course the Rendezvous is keeping



Son this is thy mother

Mother here is your son

The earth is against me

But father what could be my undoing

That heaven will deny me so


Oh no! Not of vinegar do I thirst

Now father it is done

I have kept the Rendezvous

Over to you


His head fell

And that moment

Dead men walked the night

The temple cotton tore from top to down

Easing man’s access to the throne of Grace

‘Truly He is the Son of God’



Let me take his body for a proper burial

A righteous man died like a thief

He should at least not be buried like a dog


Good intention you have

To bless his body with some scent

But sisters why seeketh ye the living

In the land of the dead

Believeth him not when he said he shall rise again?

Come see the tomb, empty!


Hallelujah! Salvation for mankind


Son you have kept the Rendezvous

And I too shall keep the Rendezvous

Your name shall be exalted above all

And thou shall sit at my right hand


No greater love had been before

Than for one to lay his life for those he love

And for one to sacrifice his only begotten son out of love

As for mankind if only you believe

Then you are free





God my heart is troubled

All day I have wasted

Rolling on my bed

Troubled at heart

Perplexed and sad

I have achieved nothing


It is like yesterday

Which I wasted wallowing in sin

After my first fall

Which I could call a mistake

I should have run

To your waiting arms

For if I had so done

I shouldn’t be this lost


I was on my actually

In fact I was at your gate

But then I took a look behind

And enemy showed me

More worldly fun

My going back was deliberate

And this is the fact

That troubles me


Should I for forgiveness ask?

Like I drum upon your merciful heart

Plus I fear that I might

Turn back still

Lord like David I pray

Unto me do restore

The joy of your salvation

Plus help me to abide in you

With this I have known

That outside you

I cannot function

Like a clock without batteries

So I must stay in you




OGHENERO EZAZA writes prose and poetry. He has published a collection of poems titled REFLECTIONS. His poems have featured in various anthologies including Who Shall I Make My Wife, Wushapa, Black Communion etc. He is the Coordinator of Warri Literary Society. He is a gospel comedian and a spoken word poet with the stage name GENZA.

Twitter: @ReflectPoems, Facebook: GENZA – Literature and Gospel Comedy, 07038784963.



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