POETRY | O FRIDAY! by Onwuchuruba, Francis Ikedichukwu

Onwuchuruba, Francis Ikedichukwu


O Friday!
I thought today would have been my holiday
But you turned it into an angry day;
I thought today would have been so rosy
But you made me feel so lonely.

O Friday!
I never knew you could have a bad identity
Until I planned going out for a party
To give myself a treat like on my Pay Day
But unfortunately your atmosphere abhors partying today.

O Friday!
You allowed our Chief Guest to wear a crown of sorrow
And bloody bruises on your day
The only man that could have turned our water into jars of wine
That we may anoint our tongues, and our mouths, praise the sweetest vine.

O Friday!
But since His death on the cross
Is to save us from eternal damnation and pains
Therefore, even as I can’t again party today
From my heart I will call you “A Good Friday.”


This marks the only night
The darkness of the midnight
Was made brighter than the light
Because of its collision with the light from “The Great Light”
What a glorious night!

It is the night when impossibility
Was impregnated with possibility
The invisible was made visible
The unimaginable was made imaginable
What a glorious night!

It is the night when mortality
Was clothed with the purple garment of immortality
On that same night, the natural being
Romanced with the Supernatural being
Then unbelievable became believable
What a glorious night!

It is the night the dead
Was raised from the icy bed of the dead
Into physical and Supernatural glory
Thereby making the unheard to become heard
Indeed it is a night His promise got perfected
What a glorious night!

It is a night the angels sang glorious songs
The night birds sang praises
Because it’s gloriously and unusual blessed
Even the colonies of the animal kingdom shouted
What a glorious night!

Indeed it is a glorious night!
For Jesus Christ is risen from death.


He is still the Lord
Even when confined in the despised tomb
His Lordship still reigns even in death’s womb.

He has gone to the tomb
To preach gospel in the great beyond
Before He is risen to surprise both the spiritually deaf and dumb

The tomb that was a taboo dedicated for torment
Saw Him and became a place of rest
Well furnished for the manifestation of His resurrection glory.

The tomb has been neutralized
By the presence of the Master
For the Lord is in the tomb.

Onwuchuruba, Francis Ikedichukwu hails from Umueze Obiangwu in Ngor Okpala L.G.A of Imo State, Nigeria. He holds a B.Agric (Honours) in Soil Science and Meteorology from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike (MOUAU), Abia State, Nigeria. He was a two-time contributor to his School Magazine, MOUAU Heralds. His poem “Sacrificial Soil” was featured in Soil Science Society of Nigeria (SSSN) Newsletter Vol. 25No.2 in 2015. Some of his poems have been published on PAROUSIA Magazine and other social media platforms. He is a member of Poets in Nigeria (PIN) and a Third Place Runner in RIPA Poetry Tournament Season 1 in 2016 organized by Rich Ideas Poetry Alliance. He has numerous works on Poetry, Drama and Prose that are awaiting publications.


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