POETRY | GOOD OR BAD FRIDAY? by Oki Kehinde Julius

Oki Kehinde Julius


tell me what’s so good about you?
when you allow golgotha
to cage our pietic saviour
into her shallow grave of death.
tell me,
why we shouldn’t arrest pontius pilate?
whose disguise blindness
exchanged barabbas for the son of mary.
why wont we cover our face
with a rotten tip toes of shame?
when our reputable saviour
was erected like a canopy strand
on the forehead of calvary,
amidst two light fingered burglars.
today is a bad Friday
that tore temple’s cotton
into twin equal halves,
when darkness becomes the bride groom of light,
and the earth quakes its cardinal poles with stormy plight.
get me an empty bowel
for i want to share for myself a bitter tears,
of how my inequities
striped the innocent Jesus
with every salivery split
and punches of matyre’s stone
projected on the stainless body of the messiah.
what a bad fright-day,
when our voice solemly chant
‘crucify him’ in unionism.
with our blaspheming hammer,
driving the nails of everlasting sorrow
into his sacred knotty palm of beatitude.
leaving above his bleeding head
the manuscript of king of the jews.

Oki Kehinde Julius is a Nigerian Writer, who writes distinct poetry from the cradle soil of sunshine state.
He had been decorated seasand time with collar of awards, which includes the Paragon Poet Of The Year Award 2015, CWAN award 2015 and the Literary Wordiator Of The Year 2016, from The Chrysolite Writers Nigeria.
He’s a prophet of God’s word and a religion tolerance advocate . His poem “WE WORSHIP ONE GOD ” whose toleration prowess drew the attention of the UN, won the Poet In Nigeria 10 Days Poetry Challenge in 2016. This same poem also won the CBPC 004 in July 2016.
He is the Poet In Nigeria Lead Representative Of Okitipupa Connect Centre and the Head Secretary of WORLD UNION OF POET (NIGERIA CHAPTER) .


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