POETRY | CALVARY TREK by Ndifreke George

Ndifreke George




Far too unbreakable

It sure would have been

If I were to go

On foot to get it right

My frail body

On the road would quench

Through the street of unrighteousness

Through the ghat

Down the valley of self

Yet they meant to thee nothing


My skin would never

The Roman whips withstood

Like the day wipes the night

With its glorious shine

So would I have peeled

Like dust blown into the wind

And the long inches nail

With jagged merciless edges

Would my bones crush to dust

Yet they were naught to thee


Not that they meant nothing to you

Cos the cross’ heavy weight

And cried from the painful whips

Yet another look at me

Your smile of pains my heart touched

My grief borne at no price

But swallowed in one lovely gulp

My worthlessness highly esteemed

Sinfully condemned

Mercifully saved!















I was that Roman merciless WHIP

That tore your skin into shreds

Forcing those screams and wails you made

That mixed your tears with blood


I was those rough long inches NAILS

That pierced through your holy hands

Deaf to your humming cry and sob

Making sure you were glued to that cross


I was that mighty wooden CROSS

The heaviest thing you’ve ever carried

That weight that pulled you down

Prompted Cyrene-Simon’s intervention


I was that round puncturing THORNS

That took the place of your crown

To mock and scorn you

Just to add to that suffering


I was that weighty iron HAMMER

That smashed your hands to numb

Nailing you with callous clonks

Not caring if you’ll survive another blow


I was the painful of all your pain

That one you thought you’ll never survive

Yet your death to me was gain

Just to make me sanctified!












When the world finally folds

Like neat roll of rug

Dissolving all earthly glitters

Into worthless magma


When the trumpets sound

And saints ascend

To take their place

At the Almighty’s side


When the journey is over

And destinations unfolded

When goats will vainly bleat for mercy

While the golden side still glitters


When tears will abound

And mercy cries will have no place

But grace hides away

Behind the Almighty’s wrath

Lord, I want to be safe!

Ndifreke George is a Nigerian, Geophysics graduate, fun lover and writer. Few of his literary works have appeared on Social Justice Poetry, The Poet Community, Bravearts Africa and Antartica Journal, in addition to other prints. He is also a song-writer and dramatist. He is presently working on his first novel.



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