POETRY | THE LIGHT by Betiku Ayokunle Samuel




Once, they thought they shut his voice

And oh, how they did rejoice!

Once, they thought they bound his words

In crevices deep beneath the world.


Once, they thought they killed the light

That brought insight and great delight

Once, they thought they brought to end

The one in whom God did descend.


Into death’s prison room

Into darkness’ fiery gloom

Yeshua*, the light, descended

With earth’s sunlight suspended.


There, upon the ancient ones

The word did shine like the sun

There, the voice the world had shunned

Spoke forth life to those long gone.


The light they thought would rot

Bursted forth from the grave they shut

The tomb they sealed with Ceaser’s seal

Gave way to Yeshua, God’s own seal!


* YESHUA: Hebrew renderation of Jesus


Betiku Ayokunle Samuel is an  indigene of Ondo west local government, Ondo state, Nigeria. A 300 level student of the department of Microbiology, University of Ibadan. Above all, he is a Christian who believes in the finished work of Christ and who has a passion for writing with the sole aim of bringing glory to God from whom all good and perfect gift proceed (James 1:17)


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