POETRY | BROKEN PROTOCOLS by Animashaun Daniel

Animashaun Daniel



A living thing traveled to the sky.
It wasn’t a bird or a fly.
He was the son of the most high.
Newton talked about an apple,
But he was not an apple.
He didn’t obey laws,
Laws obeyed him instead.
For sometime,
The disciples were like plants,
That could only watch the Sun shine,
on them.
There was an homecoming in heaven,
And it wasn’t for an ex-sinner that was forgiven.
It was for the lamb who was slain,
And took the world’s sinful stain.

God was meant to be Spirit
And Spirit alone.
But your love,
And our ancestors’ misdeeds
Made you overrule that rule.
You made for yourself
A cloak of flesh,
And clothed yourself with it.
Since you were not human,
You could not copy a human gene.
You felt the process of fertilization
Was not befitting enough for you.
So, you made for yourself human genes.
But there was no sperm
To roof the genes you formed.
You didn’t need the created
To teach the creator.
The Holy Spirit just needed
To start implantation.
And then, like a click of a button,
Conception had begun.
Even the stars
Were waiting from afar.
And when you came,
They showed the wise men the way.
The way to the place
Where your earthly parents could find space.
Space to keep your swaddling clothes,
And watch your comely face dose.
The home to mares and pigs
Was now the inn for the king.
History might say David begat you
But you etched your name in his genealogy.
You rewrote history,
And broke protocols to save us from perishing.
Animashaun Daniel is a Medical Student of the University of Ibadan. He’s a budding and eclectic writer. He’s a lover of Jesus, who writes gospel poetry, as well as other forms of poetry. He also writes articles, and short stories. His works have been published on websites like communicatorsleague.com and also, on magazines. You can interact with him, and see more of his works on Instagram. His handle is @shawndanny.

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