POETRY | a love poem by Rick Davis

a love poem

It is quiet
And calming
This evening
At Starbuck’s

And I watch
An artist sketch
The place

But I, unlike she,
Cannot draw pictures
Of you,
So I paint with words

Which creep
Ever so closely
To you.

It is something
To do
So that I don’t
Stare idly
Into space
Nor stare at anyone else

Especially when my feelings
Are red with ripe apples
And crave expression,

But my heart
So bedded down
With love and un-named emotion

Is a heart alone.

I dream
And feel God
Taking my hand
And forming words –

So quickly now,
That God has become
An abstract expressionist
Glowing at the speed of light.

As my words take form
I fear the loneliness
They expose.

My plastic cup of
Iced coffee trembles
On the small table.

My mind
Drifts through ceiling
And urban lights.

I imagine stars
Strung like beads
Across the heavens –

One end touching
Each of us.


movement during prayer

thoughts and worries
are wild rats

and as i quiet
my hungry mind

images of distant faces
and concerns

like wooden clothespins
fade as the room

seems to dim
to dark blue.

in peaceful detachment
i feel unfamiliar joy

and acquiescently listen
to birds in full song.




Rick Davis lives in  the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago,  Illinois, USA., with his wife.  He is a graduate of Northeastern  Illinois University, and has completed graduate work at several schools.  He has worked in market research, and  in  several customer  service positions.


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