Two Poems by Nome Patrick Emeka





Wield my eyes around your words

like the wrap of dust in a whirlwind


that if I may kiss dust and swear at/

against your generousity (air-breathe


water-drink, food-eat, words-speak)

with my yearn for sins & iniquities,


I’d snap back into life in your words.

My mouth. Never let it rest in praise


of your infinite mercy running into

my soul & washing all my worries


into a tiny fleck of crushed dust & dirt.

Wrap my tongues into tunes of psalms


of you, O! Lion of Judah & pride of Joseph.

Make my mouth a trumpet of angels.


Shackle my feet with chains of you–

holy, righteous, humble, kind & just


that my steps may pour an elixir of

your grace into hearts of humans.


Make me a grand tool of manifestation

shuffling & reshuffling hearts with joy.


Drown me into the river of your grace.

Above all, dip me into the jar of your blood

& pull me into the arms of forgiveness.




Take me Lord

into your sanctuary

peel me like a ripe banana

& munch me, mesh me

& ground me into ash

& sprinkle me at your feet;

there I can feel you on me

like footprints ashore.



Nome Patrick Emeka is a-20-year old budding poet and writer who expresses his grief and joy in words. He is a student of the University of Benin.

Download PAROUSIA Magazine Christmas Issue #4 pdf by following this link.


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