Three poems by Onwuchuruba, Francis Ikedichukwu


God, I’m already on my kneels
Before unsealing my sinful lips
Asking for your mercy
Because I know it is sinful to ask you “why?”

God, I’m a contrite sinner with an unclean heart
But looking at your creation assures me of your love
That’s why I’m kneeling before unsealing my unclean lips
As I ask my question like the innocent dove.

You created all things and made them good
But why didn’t you give one language to mankind
To make the world uniform and kind
Just as the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit is one?

God, speaking from my egocentric experience
Language is a problem on this earthly race
That’s why I’m praying for a creative adjustment
To enable us communicate fine in this New Testament.


Darkness has been ruling the world
And in pride like the parading turkey
With its full wings well spread
It asked “who can subdue me?”
Having already left the entire world in bondage and depression
For none could cure the protracted wickedness in the world.

Due to its protracted and reign of tyranny
In “Brownian motion” the world moves
Making confusion and errs
To engulf the human existence
And in faithlessness and hopelessness
All wished to go to the land of silence.

But joy and hope are restored
Owing to the prophetic announcement
Revealing the coming of the antithesis of darkness
Capable of bringing changes
And quenching all lingered cataclysmic darkness
That is ruling the world.

In hopeful expectation
The world awaits “The Light”
So illuminating to shatter
All kinds of darkness
And bringing a new dawn
That can restore the lives of the awaiting believers.

“The Light” is human personified
That will come through a Virgin
And in shame, Science and Nature stand to wonder
Because in words, they can’t explain the mystery
Behind “The Light” when born
Indeed “The Light” is Supernatural.

“The Light” is so humble
He chose inn instead of hospital
Manger instead of a comfortable bed
During His parturition that wasn’t common.

Let all sincerely await “The Light”
By removing all impediment
That could serve as an opaque object
And prevent us from receiving this Light in our lives.


In gleeful pains she gnashes
All alone she cries
In the inn without doctors
Or consoling and helping nurses.

The husband keeps praying
Telling her to keep on enduring
For the agony will soon be ending
For the time is approaching.

The guarding angel is on the alert
With his sword like a militant to protect
Even the stars are ready to illuminate;
The moon is ready to brighten the night
For it is the birth of the Great Light.

The angels are ready for the Alleluia chorus
The birds are already perched for their songs
Even the darkness is ready to quit in pains
The animals in the inn are gripped with surprises
To honour the Virgin in labour.


Onwuchuruba, Francis Ikedichukwu holds a B.Agric in Soil Science and Meteorology from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State and he is currently a Corps member. He hails from Imo State. As a promising and zealous writer, he contributed to his school’s annual magazine publication, MOUAU Heralds and also with Soil Science Society of Nigeria (SSSN) Newsletter. Few of his poems have been published with PAROUSIA Magazine. He has numerous works on Poetry, Prose and Drama that are still awaiting publications.

Download PAROUSIA Magazine Christmas Issue #4 pdf by following this link.


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