Poetry from Elemide Benjamin



Let me feed your ears
with what my eyes ate on the street
which poisoned minds with lust…

spread your heart as mat;
let wisdom sit with comfort
as my words roll you into reason.

I saw hell broke into young damsels.
They became demons in flesh, clothed nakedness,
and adorned shamelessness.
They walk about streets leading
to the heart of men:
if your gate is not crossed with watchfulness
your eyes may stray into lustful lost.

Akanni… Tell Alabi
not to be attracted with beauty,
it is facade;
it is wax that melt into vanity in the sun of time.
Their body is burden shaped into femininity;
their skin is an attractive distraction;
their beautiful road leads to ugly destination.

Let not your heart be mind-full of their paths,
Akanni, neither let your blinking eyes
trail after straying hips,
lest they tie you to their inviting waist
to become waste disposed in burning pleasure.

the streets are littered with their footprints,
but let wisdom guard your heart,
and obedience your feet,
that Jezebel may not bury claws in your tender dreams.

Lost in love

love was a nightmare before you came around
that hunted my imagination
before it became reality
which i wish i had known it meaning before now

lost in myself which was lost in me
you found me and took me into you
i turned into beats, you turned to song
we produce rhythms that astound ears

deeper, daily, i plunge myself into you
engulfed by you, we became music
humanity thirst for us
after noise thrust their soul into confusion

i wish i could unravel this
but music is what they long to have
as frustration skewered their hearts to regret
and as the street wails, we wail too

i remember the day i lost my confusion
that tarnished in the rays of your trust
my fears became afraid of me
since i embraced your arms of love

you promise me the paradise in your heart
the comfort of your chest and
the peace in your bossom
they will be mine,

i look into your eyes and saw stars
they tell tales of assurance
i have learnt to believe them
through them, i see your soul

then i kept my heart in the skull
and brain under my ribs
so that no one part our eternal paths
beloved, am lost in your love, saviour



Elemide Benjamin Odunayo is a poet, short story writer, and events moderator. He is a the visioneer of The Great Minds; a group of young people who hopes to influence the society of youths. He believes happenings in the society are enough inspirations for any writer. He loves to read books, but places priority on his Bible.

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