Self-Righteous by Olaiya Tobi – Issue #3



You act pious like you’re an angel

You reprove those who have done wrong

You teach what is right

But the same you is adulterous

The same you loots treasury

The angelic you accepts bribes

The sane you compromises standards

The same you is materialistic

You condemn impunity blatantly

But in your closet you are its main convener

You act self-righteous like an embodiment of the Almighty

But your sins surpass Sodom and Gomorrah’s

You condemn ostentatiousness

Yet you live in lavish conditions

The golden rings on your fingers could make a gallery

Why are you an hypocrite

Self-righteous fool, mocking yourself or the Almighty?



King of kings

The creator if man omniscient

The one who knows all man’s thoughts

The el-shaddai

The wonderful provider, the counselor

The omnipresent, present everywhere around us

Our guardian, fearless leader

Our shield our buckler

Help from ages past

Deliverer, such are the names of the Almighty

I have seen gods;

None equals the one that can kill and no one can resurrect

I have seen great men

But none equals your greatness

The rising sun rises with your glory

The star projects your incomprehensible power

Alpha, omega, the beginning and the end

The maker of all makers

If my hair were thousands of tongues

They would not sufficiently extol you

The wind speaks if your glory

Even the raging seas magnify you

Even principalities recognise your superiority

No wonder you are the King of kings



Olaiya Tobi is a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife where he is  currently studying English languageS


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