SECOND HOME by Oki Kehinde Julius – Issue #3



Whisper to the wealthy and the Lazarus,
that our second home is not these cramble walls
architectured with bricks and sand.
Percussion the wailing “ogele” to cry the cries of remembrance
that the foundation of this home
is not these ones dug on the mother earth,
but the one creator founds
on the forehead of ashy cloud and fiery sky.

Tell new bloods that are just excreated on the maternity bed of the earth,
that “seventy” is the nibly voice
that will echoe pens up
on the vouching age of our breathe.
Recite to the crawling infants
and foetus sucking the milky breast of the womb,
the lullaby damination of hell
and the stingy eulogy of death.

Remove the sarp and thorns veiling the eyes of the blind,
to crystally glance the glittering bungalow in heaven
laced with sparkling gold.
Goggle the healthy eye, with a microscopic lens,
to see the glorious home atop the sky
painted with white gloss of purity.

Ask the aged ones
who death sharped dagger —is
scared to pierce,
that when will their wrinkled feet
treck back to this sacred abode;
for oldest Methuselah had returned home
for sea-sand centuries.
Tell all saints, that thought their purity will rescue them
from paddling the canoe of death,
that Jesus, Mary and Matyre’s divinity,
can’t even spare them
from passing through the route of death.

Tell all witches and wizard to chop off their feathers and wings,
for the journey to this home, is not by flying or diving.
Tell all sinners,
that wickedness is not the flying boat to travel to this home,
but only through Noah’s ark
that had been voyaging passengers
since the resurrection of the second Adam.

Remember this second home —oh prodigal creatures!
when the earthly one has not been dillapulated yet
by armageddon war.
Mail your treasures to this haven
where termites and pest will have
no apetite to savor,
for your soul to have a resting place
when the bridegroom percussion
the melody of the last trumpet.


Oki Kehinde Julius is a renowned writer who hails from Okitipupa in Ondo-state, Nigeria. He writes and performs poetry under the pseudonym, Okilux. He is a spoken word artist who has won laurels in both spoken slam and page poetry including The Most Influential Best Poet of The Year 2015 from the Paragon Poetry Contest. In 2015, he was inducted into the Community of Thought and Society and he was awarded the title of Writer II of the League. His works have been featured in both local, national and international magazines. He was shortlisted by the Black Pride Magazine among the top 30 page poets who rocked 2015, and was also commended by the Tuck Magazine as one of its contributors who rocked 2015 with poetry and fiction. He is currently holding the positions of Writer 1/ Media Officer at Chrysolite Writers Team and Moderator of Literary Planet Poetry.


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