PAROUSIA Magazine Issue #3


PAROUSIA Magazine Issue #3


CRAFTSMAN by Oghenero Ezaza – Issue #3

Self-Righteous by Olaiya Tobi – Issue #3

BLOOD by Okuwoga Eyimofe – Issue #3

HAKUNA MATATA! by Onwuchuruba Francis Ikedichukwu – Issue #3

I FELL ON MY KNEES by Kariuki wa Nyamu – Issue #3

EXTINGUISHED by Ugochukwu Chimerem Victory – Issue #3

In the Blind Man’s Shoes by Samuel Kamugisha – Issue #3

But My Spirit Holds by Chalya Princess Miri-Gazhi – Issue #3

SECOND HOME by Oki Kehinde Julius – Issue #3

AN ORDINARY PRAYER by Rick Davis – Issue #3

Cover Image
Bolu Akindele

Cover Design
Tola Ijalusi


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