I FELL ON MY KNEES by Kariuki wa Nyamu – Issue #3




On this day

I fell on my knees

and put to prayers

all friends and fiends alike

I prayed for Romano

the beast of man who slaughtered

his wife and brood

after he discovered

that ‘his’ seeds were


not his!


I fell on my knees

and prayed for our

tainted Judiciary

that let the expatriate

Roads’ contractor

accused of

multiple counts of defilement

go scot free

for being short of

sufficient substantiation

hence he smiled all the way

to the intercontinental airport

for an impromptu holiday

escorted under tight security!


Oh, pardon them Lord

for they knew not the pain

inflicted on the minor

and her family

as the accused rubbished

the allegations on State TV

stating that it was just

a mere mistake of identity


God knows better!


I fell on my knees

and prayed for the

tigress of a doctor

at the Mount Kenya referral hospital

who let an expectant mother

die in the queue

because the operation bill

had not been paid in full!


I fell on my knees

and prayed for sanity in the city

I prayed for the ex-police chief turned burglar

since he was fired

over ghost soldiers’ scandal

for he now asserts that

he hurts to live!


I fell on my knees

and solemnly

remembered Kiriungi

the combatant who

departed this life

in Kismayo battlefield

as his younger brother

was heavy- petting

his newly wedded wife!


I fell on my knees

and prayed for that Mama

across the Main street

whose juju swallowed

away her only son

in mysterious stance!
I remembered her penitent

tears on the son’s burial

behind her dark sunglasses!


I fell on my knees

and repented all our

sins, seen and unseen!









The interesting generation

stoops to folly

and like sheep

lost in the wilderness

following own shadows blindly

it rejoices at iniquity

and is friendly to violence!


What a forked generation!

With hearts, minds and souls

beaming with jealousy,

insatiability, revulsion,

dishonesty, rashness,

heartlessness and malice!


Tell me generation dot com

What are you up to?


I see you treading

on the unbeaten paths

too adventurous

on Western culture

just following gullibly

while claiming to cuddle modernity!

Hail civilization!

Hail Americanization!

Hail weird fashion!

Hail borrowed accents

and strange tongues!


But tell me

interesting generation

why on earth would you prefer

fear of man to fear of God?

You, who’s surely wretched!

Lost in thought,


and deed!

So ignorant and arrogant!

A generation with big ears

yet you turn a deaf ear

when elders caution you!

Your eyes too blind to see!

Hearts too cold-blooded to feel!

Brains too rusted to reason!

Memories too short to remember!


Oh God in sky-land

please come down and

rescue this contemptible generation!

So fake and forked!

Since if you don’t Lord

this time round, it’s awfully








Untrustworthy and







Kariuki wa Nyamu is a passionate Kenyan poet, radio playwright, editor and high school teacher. He holds a BA Education (English and Literature) from Makerere University, Uganda. He is published in A Thousand Voices Rising (2014), Boda Boda Anthem and Other Poems (2015), Best New African Poets 2015 Anthology, Jalada Africa 04: The Language Issue (2016), Love- A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Loving and Being in Love (2016), Parousia Magazine Issue 2, Dwartonline Blogazine Issue 2, among others. He is presently pursuing an MA (Literature) at Kenyatta University, Kenya. He is a practicing Christian and attends the Anglican Church.


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