HAKUNA MATATA! by Onwuchuruba Francis Ikedichukwu – Issue #3




Please I want you to be my Jurist
Even if you’re not a legal luminary
I know you can separate the good from bad
Even without consulting any oracle.

I must talk my mind
Even if I should be rejected like Jeremiah
I wouldn’t mind
But my voice must soar higher.

Isn’t it total insanity?
That is displayed on our television
Without any sense of morality
They display the secret without vision.

Looking at the men well dressed
As they dance looking cute and sane
But the ladies never cared
I believe they must be insane.

The body that should be kept secret
Is displayed without shame and payment
In the “Eve’s uniform” they love dancing
Without feeling ashamed as Eve did in the Garden.

Please let something be done urgently
Before those insane flood our market places
Or else our children won’t forgive the Entertainment Industry
For corrupting their virgin eyes untimely.



When you feel that the world will collapse on you
Your ambition is like a mirage to you
A heavy wind of disappointment is blowing on you
I have a message for you
“Hakuna matata!”

Even when your tomorrow seems indeterminate
Tears soak your pillows in the night
Fear is beheld in your sight
Hear a word sounding in your right
“Hakuna matata!”

Even if your life is a replica of misery
Your efforts have met weary
Thereby making you to be always angry
This word will relieve you from misery
“Hakuna matata!”

Only believe in yourself and do more
For GOD will help you to achieve more
Your blessing will reach a state of more
As this word will keep you in a focus to do more
“Hakuna matata!”

God’s mercy in this world of CHANGE

“CHANGE; the fundamental essence of universe,” Heraclitus
Man a major being in the universe
Undergoes CHANGE, causes CHANGE and witnesses CHANGE
Not minding his age.

CHANGE is relative;
That is, can be positive or negative
If positive, we glory God
And if negative, we complain to God

This contemporary world
Already insane with negative CHANGES
Going against God’s purpose for the world
No wonder Christ came to CHANGE the CHANGES.

God’s mercy is ever abundant to them that seek;
Deeper than the ocean’s depth
Higher than the mountain’s peak
And can resurrect man even after death.

God’s mercy is priceless and precious
Freely obtained without any payment
To make a repentant sinner become righteous
So that heaven would be his eternal achievement.

Even as the world suffers negative CHANGES
God’s mercy is still maintaining its balance
And eternally doesn’t change
But its abuse is folly and dangerous to one’s eternity.


Onwuchuruba, Francis Ikedichukwu holds a B.Agric in Soil Science and Meteorology from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State and he is currently a Corps member. He hails from Imo State. As a promising and zealous writer, he contributed to his school’s annual magazine publication, MOUAU Heralds. He has numerous works on Poetry, Prose and Drama that are still awaiting publications.


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