EXTINGUISHED by Ugochukwu Chimerem Victory – Issue #3




Dark, Pitch Dark

Airy powers surround

Rulers of the night

Fighting carcasses of innocence

Giving pebbles of truth

Like beautiful contaminated maggots


Faint hands put on a candle

With lips that break spells

After drowned years of decay

Fearfully lift up his hands

And light shone, that little light

Darkness could not comprehend


Eyes turned lurk and beheld

Rivers of blood

Mountains of treasures

Like leaves they trembled

On fours they crawled

As evil took a step back


With light hands they scurried

Groping and grabbing all within grasp

Scattered like jilted ants

The enemies smiled with ease

Lurching deep into tranquility

The candle was burning away


Now every man to your tent

But the way is dark and long and scary

Dead men alone have trodden through

Only the dead can speak the truth

And this assembly of heathens has seen the way

God! Where art thy hand


Purr! Off went the candle

Down went the holder

Like remote robots again they gathered to themselves

Through blindness they fought for another light

With guided fear all held themselves

Another life struck down



And darkness moved

Not because there was no light

And evil now lives

Not because the will for good and goodwill is gone

The enemies alas laugh

They have strengthened our weaknesses


And God looked

Not because we haven’t cried

No light, all extinguished




These endless tears

For time set

This troubled heart

For worries uncalled

This certain uncertainty

For what I choose


When I think I have arrived

To stand against the contrary


When I battle without clarity

The end to which is destruction



This wind that made me lost

I know my age knows why

Raptured in young folly

My restless heart gave no ear

The rod made no more meaning

My vision tarried along


Now my heart makes me grieve

My fortress makes me weak

My desires like nightmares

My actions misunderstand

My acts I can’t decipher

Into vanity am I plunged


My conscience now has judged

Change inevitable

But rubbish when heaven is against

That now is clear

My shame I cannot hide

But who will believe my repentance


Like a leper I stand in this desert

This desert where I began trek doubtfully

Convinced by my admirers

Upon filthy wisdom I threaded

Which now is my woe

Finding myself now a doubled task



Which will be when I am found

Found in my maker’s glory

Submitted to the least humility

Driven without eyes and prowess

Capacitated by love and obedience

Till then, with this tide am I LOST


Ugochukwu Chimerem Victory  hails from Okigwe L.G.A of Imo state in Nigeria, the first of four children and only daughter. Born on the 10th day of January 1998, she began writing poems at the age of 13years.


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