CRAFTSMAN by Oghenero Ezaza – Issue #3



In your presence I am safe

I am joyful, I am obedient

Out there I am entangled

In a web of immorality


In your presence my heart is pure

My heart is repentant, my heart finds peace

Out there my heart is scared

My heart is rebellious, my heart is troubled


In your presence all I see is you

All I know is you, all I have is you

Out there all I know is drugs

All I know is porn, all I know is pain


In your presence I forever stay

I know your presence, I love your presence

Out there I detest

Out there I know and totally renounce




You are the craftsman

The creator of life

The architect of destiny

The sculptor of time


He is the Supreme Being

Makes things that are

From things that are not

Speaks things that are not to become

Maker of intangibles

Author of breath

Designer of nature

Painter of adjectives

Poet of senses

Potter of feelings


You are divinely creative

Writer of grace

Your realm is above life

Craftsman I fall and worship

At your feet

It is the most high place




Get it right not wrong

No man can please God plus man

It is so written; God’s Word is Truth


Be not confused it is simple

You cannot please God plus the world

If you choose Christ

Then men have got to deny you like crime

But for the few who share your faith

Yet even they may betray you

Come some very persecuting day

Be not broken for the Way forewarned

This world that showed me hate will show you same


Beloved deceived not thy feeble self

And let none mislead you

You simply cannot serve two masters

For the one you will surely honour

But the other you cannot help but undermine

For where the one would eat rice, but the other beans

You sure will feed the one and starve the next


Get it right not wrong

It is so easy to comprehend

I too once believed I did perfectly

That is pleasing God plus the world

Until experience, Grace plus the Spirit

Revealed to me the understanding of The Truth



Oghenero Ezaza was born in Warri, Nigeria where is still resides. He has a published collection of poems titled: Reflections. His poems have featured in various anthologies e.g. Who Shall I Make My Wife, Wushapa, Black Communion, etc. He writes literary articles for PIN magazine, published by Poets In Nigeria. He is the co-ordinator of the Warri Literary Society. He is also a Gospel Comedian and Performance Poet with the stage name: Genza. His facebook page is named: GENZA – Literature and Gospel Comedy. Twitter: @ReflectPoems.


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