BLOOD by Okuwoga Eyimofe – Issue #3



He whose thought flashed upon

My inward mind, celestial revelation

He who combed my scatterbrain from

His dais separation, ornate throne

The sceptre He yields pukes profane

But in His arms dwell the flawless

Still, He is king



When cavalry painted scarlet on human eyes

On death’s cross, bloody Calvary

Two dangling thoughts on opposite sides

One saw revelation, right call to paradise

But Left was cavalry’s ally, death still smiled

Mother was more stabbed, the nails pierced her eyes

Before the rain from her eyes stopped,

The cloud was clear, it was finished



The apple dangled, the woman watched

But crawled his fallen limbs to beautiful tree

God said, tempter cried

The apple dangled, the woman saw

She placed evil in his swallow hole

Fallen were his limbs, fallen was theirs too

The apple fell, God sighed


Okuwoga Eyimofe is a writer born in Lagos, Nigeria. He loves visual art and literature.


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