Two Poems from Nana Arhin Tsiwah




Our days have were numbered
Not by ‘Odomankoma’
But by creed narrations
Made out of sparkling dust cities
Chirped out of factory machines.

Yesterday, a war sagged our home–
And our souls drained!

It was not too long
That we found our spirits
Dancing in Godman,

Where the sun bloomed
In a peaceful river song:
“peace like a river
thou path of mortal
calling”. . .

Godman- Nation of God
Odomankoma- The Eternal Giver


The smoke had lost it beauty.
The flags stppped hoisting in my head.
These were the new days
When ‘taawa’ lost it appeal
In the deep of the night.

I had quit this long betrothrel
To an early marriage to a master.
“Master of the universe”, some say
Governor of nations
Birthed in the looms of the mind.

Turn right
And the night
Had glown with Christ—
Salvation from Sir wee!

taawa- wee


a linguist-performist, disciple of Africanism-Consciousness and student of Akanism is the author and co-author of two poetry collections: “Dead Epistles” and “Palm Leaves”. Nana is the chief-linguist of the Africanism poetry movement, “The Village Thinkers”. He writes from Cape Coast, Ghana.



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