Poetry from Tanimonure Richards Adewale





Ugliness, of evil beauty

I come in spill feel of painted words

Shaded in large lines of hated hues

Galleried a facebook dread of hurtful look

Readers, I hope you won’t puke?


Hell is such a sweet heaven of home

Where ugliness awaits in lethal “awesomeness”

Of beastly beauty in hefty stun of churn

And fainting screams of dread dreams

In sting sink still shrink of stupefied blood

Within a frame of fright, frigid in deep obeisance

To the death call of blight sight welcoming horrifically.


Oh ugliness of such evil beauty

My question marks come in curious interview

Of your dumbfound creation in callousness mould

The pitiable weeping skin in rich rottenness thrill

Monster twin horns in defiant gore reign of your skull

And your eyes of poisonous pupils

Do they not all droop the sadness of your opposite?

Do they not all rebel against your core and lord?

Do they rejoice at your pride of loathed exhibition?

Do they glee real in flee see sting of hurt?

Do they delight at who you are?

A fallen angel in putrefying curse of Jehovah?



Your beauty is rich in gnashing of teeth

And your image is a see of regretful kill

Your flaunted fright is a doom of your eternal night

In ecstatic flames seriously hungry for your devour

Seriously building voracious horror appetite as your core

Seriously asking God for your quick toss and gone.


Seriously and seriously,

Oh ugly beauty of evil.














What shall we see?

What shall we say?

Tomorrow’s you and me

Of what words now, today?


And the clock will chime

To every tongue and clime

Curtains dropped and drawn

Events start in summon

Of all that’s faithfully kept

In many years of waiting slept

What awakenings of jolting see

In what kind of reality?

On what side of the divide

Of a great gulf deep and wide?

Questions, in your face and brain

Earth, your answer, think again.


For the fires of today burns a clarion call

Of your stand and tilt, your none or all

The flames flickers the two great themes

In silent coming of the two great dreams

Whose reality smiles and frown in one face

Whose finality speaks the eternity of your race



Can you please go deep within?

Reflect on today’s hear and seen

And what certain mirror of tomorrow

It reveals in either joy or sorrow

Do you and I totally agree

In what we must say and see

Begins with what we do right now

Its place in which dream, of the how











i tick the trickling time of your heart

set in a fast paced, rat raced end of nought

burying your precious life for my rise of worthless death

in traitor riches of an annihilating amassment

and you lose his gain for my vain

forever lost in the hell of my heart in eyes

rich reddest ripe

trickling slowly fast the sweetest hate within seen.






the sweetness of terror

in the deepness of horror

shrinks my ink in fright of freeze



callous craftiness in cunning cuff of call

of tempting taste of a sense’s sensuous fall

an invite of worms womb rich in pregnant rot

of delicious decay blind in a mind’s fold of nought

takes a guided, guarded watch of a self-destruct

onwards a chill of feet, six in plan of instruct


oh! where is the angel of sorrow

to bellow the looming loss of a tomorrow?

life is in a serious cell of “OH NOO!!!”

and heavens’ eyes rains a cat and dog of flow.




never scream your frightened prayers at me

whose mouth made a dross toss of my heart and hands

and killed my voice in horror of rich rot pleasures of pukes

never seek for my unseen oblivion please

for I have been buried in your long lust lost

of the eyes, flesh and heart

his eyes, flesh and heart


the time ticks a harvest of gory

and its sickle sicks a pleasure of dark story;

never be high pitched at its deep simile throat seek

and never rumble a resonating quake of its fear feast

for the reward is black ripe of a red hot sorrowing

and hades hungers hell fill in a piercing thrill kill




let your begging prayers go

let six feet of summon do as told

let my dross oblivion wave you bye of sorrow

let hades have its meal of nasty shudders, cold.






Tanimonure Richards Adewale is one of Nigeria’s finest emerging poets, rocking the world with his art. His works sweetens and deepens the mind in fruity fragrance of writes and this has endeared him to good poetry lovers. He is from Abeokuta, Ogun State, where he is based and his poetry can be enjoyed on http://www.facebook.com/artface



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