Two Poems from Ojo Taiye

Words of Blood


Soon the pure thrust of

Our lay

Would draw blood

Blood that would

spit fire in form of venom

To burn all crabs and dogs to ash


Blood that are spittle in

Our mouth

To appease the dead sleeping

At the foot of the hills

Whose dreams are

Made dust


Words of blood

Boiling from the hearts of men

Ranging from the four compass

To cleanse this dirty patch

Patch, once was full of justice;

Righteousness used to dwell in her –

but now murderers!


‘Nyam am o’


for so long, He heard tales

of her prostitution

He stomachs the ammonia

of her uncleanliness

Sodom and Gomorrah

the twin heaps

He made for his lambs

But yesterday,

He came in the regalia

Of a dark cloak

while releasing spontaneous

electric winks

down the road of the sky

with guttering flames

amidst pebbles of rain



Ojo Taiye is a twenty- three-year-old microbiology graduate from Nigeria. He love books and Anime in that order. Taiye, has some of his muddled thoughts published in a few e-magazine.



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