PAROUSIA Magazine Purity Isuue #2

Dear Readers,


Welcome to the Second Issue, the Purity Issue of PAROUSIA Magazine: A Christian Arts and Literary Magazine. This Purity Issue explores narratives on virtue, morality, abstinence, righteousness, integrity, decency etc. but not mainly as it welcome other narratives that are standard for publication.


Am grateful to all those who sent their works. We have two more publications this year, the September Issue and the Christmas Issue coming up in December.


Let me remind you that PAROUSIA Magazine is a Christian Arts and Literary Magazine offering a platform for writers and artists from every part of the world.


In this issue, you will be reading two amazing Fiction ‘A Wake Up Call’ by Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha and ‘The Devil Tempted Us’ by Samuel Kamugisha. Akor  Emmanuel Uche   Review of Emmanuel Inedu’s “A Requiem For Virtue” in PURITY IN RECIPROCAL; WHEN ANOMALY BECOMES NORM.

Also you will read poetry from Amore David Olamide, Francis Annagu, Kariuki wa Nyamu, Nana Arhin Tsiwah, Oghenero Ezaza, Ojo Taiye and Tanimonure Richards Adewale as we have beautiful pictures from Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau.


Tola Ijalusi


You can read PAROUSIA Magazine Purity Issue #2 online by following this link.

You can download PAROUSIA Magazine Purity Issue #2 by following this link.



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