Poetry from Ojo Omeiza Blessing


Ingrate! Was it not written in the
holy book that I
fulfilled the prophecy,
created a future for you and
your unborn generations?
Who could have done that
if not a generous me that was
always hungering for souls?

Ingrate! Were you not told
or don’t you read
that I sacrificed two lives;
mine and my master’s
to save yours and your offspring?
I made you have hope;
revivified your ebbing life
already written off as a loss.
Who could have done that
if not a benevolent me
that has the interest of
mortals at heart?

Ingrate! That’s what you are
when you wag your tongue
to curse me
for betraying my boss;
my betrayal paid for your loss.
Do bless my soul, mortal and
place on my soul two coins
of inestimable value, that I may
find peace and rest in gehenna.

You can read this publication in PDF format of PAROUSIA Magazine Easter Issue  by following this link

Think of him not in abstract,
judge him not based on words
coming forth from mortals.
Consider not his deeds from birth
for we all have lapses.
Think of his sacrifice and benevolence;
he slayed two lives to
save millions of lives,
gave up his good name in
exchange for a bad one-‘traitor.’

Now, no one is proud to bear his
name, not even his offshoots.
How would land tillers eat
if tubers are not killed,
buried for it to decay and
reincarnate into whole again?
The saviour’s death had to hang on
someone’s neck, willing to carry the
blame forever. That he did, and
even with his bones in dust form,
you still curse him for handing over his boss.

It is his master that is praised;
his name called every second.
What becomes of Judas? Naught!
But curses that add to his agony.
How would you have lived if
he didn’t delivered his boss?
If I were you, I would eat his
name with sweetness like carrot.
It could have been any of the twelve.
Judas, it was. How do you view him,
Iscariot or is carrot?



Ojo Omeiza Blessing (The Inkspiller) is a self-published author from Nigeria with a novel entitled ‘cry of an orphan’ in his name. Some of his woven words have surfaced in tuck magazine and lunaris review. He writes prose, poetry and drama. He enjoys conversing with literary minded people.


One thought on “Poetry from Ojo Omeiza Blessing

  1. Yeah! no one should blame Judas for his betrayal. the death of the master as foretold must be spearheaded by someone and Judas offered himself to the dictates of the divine prediction. for that, no one wants to relate with the name. unfair! for Peter betrayed and was still honored!


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