Poetry from Adebote Seyifunmi

You can read this publication in PDF format of PAROUSIA Magazine Easter Issue  by following this link


We run into another day;

“of sorrows, shames and frets”

We wake to printed headlines;

“of bombs, disease outbreaks, and deaths”

We return to recount tales;

“of woes, of mistakes, of yesterdays”

On these,

we feed our starving souls for tomorrow,

Little wonder,

the rest of our many days are filled with sorrow.

Elders, Teach Us!

Teach us-
To count the cowries,
Arrange them
On wooden trays, and
Gaze with concentration

Teach us-
To rub our middle finger
Against our thumb
And sigh…
Like the gods are speaking, inaudibly

Teach us-
To rap 21 bars and more
In the languages
Of our ancestors, and
Chorus with screeching sounds

Teach us-
To read the fading lines
On people palms
For them to see the future, and
Know their destinies.

Teach us-
To chew kola nuts; grin,
So we may know that the chocolate bars,
Cartooned pizza and canned meals-
Were not a good deal

Teach us-
To tie that white thing
Around our ‘thing’
As we sojourn the forest of hope
With sacred calabashes



ADEBOTE SEYIFUNMI is based in Enugu, Nigeria, a graduate of Wildlife Management. He Head Operations at De Space Media Nigeria, content provider for Solid 100.9 FM, Enugu and champions youth advocacy across Nigeria.


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