WE CRY ABBA FATHER by Ogunsanya Enitan Olaoluwa

You can read this publication in PDF format of PAROUSIA Magazine Easter Issue  by following this link


Years before the foot of our fore-fathers
ate from the plate of earth,
he fathered our fathers as feathers to take them farther.
He came to being, left on the garbage of humility
in form of us to lure us back to our founder.

Days he spent on mountains, hill tops and secret place
weeping with tears thickened as blood.
Oh! His days became short when he treaded his fate
his words made the sick healed,
caused long lames to jump around,
opened hearts of demon possessed with liberation
and brought him hatred.

He was betrayed by his friend,
suffered denial by his blood,
laid to be sentenced for persecution,
he was beaten thirty nine stroked
with rods engraved by blades
cutting through his flesh as his blood fills the bowel of hungered dust.

He was led to Golgotha,
place where dead unhappy skulls dominate
with thorns befitting his royal majesty.
His sailor stood at his front with tears of painful groaning
as he suffered his fate.

His bowel welcomed insult to his household
rubbing his mind to fulfil fate
as his garments became their inheritance
fed with vinegar in his thirsty state
yet in this painful situation
his father’s ear became deafened at his loud cries
for his hands are soiled with sins he never committed.

At the sixth hour
his soul went out of his body
making him lifeless
as he committed his spirit unto his father
for the remissions of sins.

He was buried in a tomb given as a seed
to render unto him the last honour
of being a master over them
but at the dawn of the day he left.

He fought with the deceiver of men,
made away with the key of life
for his blood works the work of ransom
challenged death and grave
for he made them all powerless and on the third day
he shined his glory
sitting beside God the Father.

We shall no longer frown
for daily as we see the cross
smiling in its sparkling glory.
We shall all in one accord
Cry Abba Father
to him who sits on the throne
as the lion and the lamb.



Ogunsanya Enitan Olalekan a.k.a. Enistik is a student of History and Diplomatic Studies at Olabisi Onabanjo University Ago-Iwoye. A poet and a writer who has passion for to speak for the less priviledged.




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