Poetry from Amore David

You can read this publication in PDF format of PAROUSIA Magazine Easter Issue  by following this link



Today, I’ve come like a mud in water
I have come like a child with no mother
I have come like a spoon with no silver
Oh!  Lord draw me nearer.

I have forsaken your commandments;
I have mustered and run into vile attempts.
I have sow in the land of no holiness.
Oh! Lord I seek refuge under your sacred tent.

I have cut trees to fix shelters;
I have hurt metals to make pendants
I have crush my ways for futile sake
Oh!  I long for your utmost grace.

I have killed ants to have my sugar safe.
I have duped plants to have some seeded grains.
I have thrown bottles amidst the clubbing cafe.
Oh!  Lord revive my traded faith.

I have disputed the elders’ opinion
When I taught I was ripe enough.
I have stroke the bald man’s head
And their long grey beards.

I have chew grins of malice
I have quibble people’s sanctity.
I have come to you on my bended knees
To declare my thoughtless sins.

I have come to put forth my waywardness.
At where i spewed lies to birth in uprightness
I knew you benign for me regardless,
My trespassed heartlessness.

Papa, draw me nearer.
Eledua, move me closer.
For I had sinned and sinned at intervals
I have come as a repentant.






Jerusalem! Jerusalem!!
The land where purity dwells
In pleasant pastures realm
Where the divine arch angels
Fly on heaven’s chest.

The land where sacred gads are fixed
On the tower of the holy hills
Without darkness and devil’s mills
Where only saints can be reached.

Where loyalty supercedes worthy gold
And the hidden trespasses are unfold!
And there we see the faithful Job
On the verge of the city’s road.

In the midst of this pleasant land
Where we see the mooning cry
And the Radiant sunning rays
Singing praise of lullabies.

And there we can clearly see
The twinkle little stars
In bold and vibrant scenes
In closer miles to our sights

There we see the Baptist John
And sons of the most high God
The seven elders in accord
Singing songs in worship tongue.

And there we see Elijah
And the tale of Moses might
And the faithful Abraham
That serve with steady heart.

And there we need no light
And the glowing scintillant,
For our light is Jesus Christ
In our radiant faith that brights.

Jerusalem Jerusalem
And there is where justice reign
On the city pitiless Lane.
Where every of our acts will sowed
Shall stand to judge our souls.


Amore David Olamide born April 5,1995. Graduate of  IRGIB Africa University. Studied Mass Communication. He is a revolutionary columnist and a poet that writes literally in parabolic style, orature genre and see logical scenes in epical dynamism of traditional epilogues, eulogies and captivating artistic poetry, in coded fashion


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