Poetry from Mike Bullock

You can read this publication in PDF format of PAROUSIA Magazine Easter Issue  by following this link



Born into a world of anger
The rich and greedy ran
You came to help the leper
The poorest kind of man
Brought light into the darkness
And lived a simple life
You suffered, oh so greatly
In Your walk of toil and strife.

Upset the laws of hypocrites
The Pharisees and their kind
And taught about The Father
To people who were blind
You ridiculed the system
By changing all the rules
Angering the mighty
Demoting them to fools.

No wonder they got angry
And plotted out Your death
Searching for a loophole
So they could cut Your breath
Then they finally got You
Betrayed by Judas, friend
It brought about a promise
That You kept until the end.

The agonizing, pain filled walk
To where Your victory lay
Was made for us and everyone
Whose price You want to pay
Defeating death and satan
We need no longer fear
You are our intercessor
With the Father we hold dear.

So thank You, dear Lord Jesus
For all You’ve done for me
I’m with You for a lifetime
Past that, ETERNITY.


As Jesus hung upon the Cross
Can you imagine how He felt
A man defiled by human hand
The worst of outcomes He was dealt
What was the point of all the pain
A separation from His Dad
The crowd was baying for His blood
Inside, He must have felt so sad.

Each side of Him was hung a thief
Two men were dying for their crime
One was going off to hell
Didn’t want to waste His time
Believing that his future lay
Between the devil and The Lord
A cry to He who was so near
Would save him from the untoward.

The other man could see a hope
Through Jesus he could change his life
Believing that The Man was truth
He saw through his impending strife
Choosing Jesus for his soul
The Lord was pleased that something good
Had come out of His sacrifice
Upon that ghastly Cross of wood.

Mike Bullock attends an Anglican church in the UK. He has been writing Christian poetry for about twenty years.


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