We live in a world where we are so particular about people affirming our strengths. We want people to approve of us, we want people to like us, we want people to accept us, who doesn’t want that, and that in itself isn’t bad. No it isn’t.

It’s relevant that we have a level of ‘good’ reputation among people. It is important, but it becomes questionable when we choose to impress the outside world at the expense of our inside world. I’ll explain.

Many times we make some really compromising compromises, we neglect our right value system so that we can impress a friend. You leave this friend with a fake smile on your face, until you are behind closed doors. Then you’ll have to live with yourself, you’ll have to settle your conscience. This friend you compromised for won’t see the tears you cry over the night wishing you have not done, neither will they see the pain that threatens to tear your heart apart, yet you still choose to impress them.

If there’s anyone you should impress, it is Jesus!

If there’s anyone you should impress, it is Jesus! Why? Because he not only promised to die for you, HE DID! Even He isn’t asking you to impress Him. Live your life with a solid value system, don’t compromise your value in the bid to impress anyone.

So friends, I ask that you choose to live a life that irrespective of where you are, who is watching or not watching, you are consistently doing the right thing.



Aremo Olalekan

Aremo Olalekan is a lover of God and people. He is a life coach, blogger, writer and speaker. He has a God-driven passion to be a blessing to females, hence he is the convener of HMC, a female-oriented conference.



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