Growing up with Rambo, Jet Li, Jacki Chan and a little of Bruce Lee, I thought and believed that everyone needs a hero. And there’s usually just one per time. So for me the world was like a battle field, and I was the hero for those within my sphere of contact.

Then I met Julia Roberts, then the world took another turn, the world could just be all about falling in love, having fights, then making up and having an interesting forever after. Then I GREW UP!

I hardly watch movies now, but everyday as I walk around and see people on the street I discover that we are all actors. And we are the main cast for the movie we are casting in. the story is about us, not about our pastor, parent, guardian, teacher, mentor, etc., the story is purely about us and the beautiful thing is we have the autonomy to decide how we want to play it out.

If you were to write a story for a movie about your life, how would it play out? You probably have a mix of intrigue, humour, maybe betrayal, love, a few skirmishes, but I am certain you’ll write a good ending. Look at your life and check if you are living according to that story. Are you living in a way that story will come to pass?

It’s important we understand that we can blame the outcome of our lives on our parents, friends, environment or enemies! The value of life you are living now is a result of the choices YOU have made not the choices anyone else has made. Okay, maybe all the aforementioned are factors that affects the quality of life we live, but it’s your responsibility to rise above them. The pen to write your life’s story is on your hands, take the step trusting God to hold you.

It’s time to live the life of your dream in the reality!


Aremo Olalekan is a lover of God and people. He is a life coach, blogger, writer and speaker. He has a God-driven passion to be a blessing to females, hence he is the convener of HMC, a female-oriented conference.


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