THE MAID IN MAIDUGIRI by Akinbode Oluwatobi Israel


The maid in Maiduguri,

Loosed my ‘sokoto’ in Sokoto,

Casting on me her charms in Kastina,

I cried Haba! from Aba.

Her name is Ada from Adamawa,

Cooking, her centre of excellence,

Unknown to a poor me,

Another centre has she, Abuja.

Why visit Ogun’s shrine in Ogun

Or the river goddess in Cross river?

Her caress made me decide,

Standing still in her beneath(Benin) city.

My every penny to her pocket,

My every wine to her calabar(sh),

Now am ‘On Your Own’ -Oyo,

Stranded, grounded and pounded.

Paddling my canoe to Kano,

She made me empty.

This maid is everywhere,

She is Sin.


She lay boldly on every door,

Her advert uncensored,

Placing charms between her lips,

The lady in red.

Her thighs a virus to megabytes,

Biting every penny bit by bit,

You Lay, You will sleep and snore,

On a coffin that is well laid.

She has a note, a big notebook,

Many pens have bought their share,

A golden cover with poor stories,

Don’t dare read the ‘Table of content’.

The lady in red,

Killing every husband for a father,

Killing every father for a fun,

Killing every fun for a price.

I know the lady in red,

She roams everywhere,

Roars so well,

She is sin.


 Akinbode Oluwatobi Israel, is a growing poet, singer and teacher of God’s word. A graduate of chemistry from the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara state, Nigeria. He hails from Ipokia local government, in Ogun state. He loves to write in simplicity to influence this complex world of ours. 


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