ALANTERE by Amore David Olamide


In search of bliss. 
Unexpected scenes are seen. 
Some scenes that had us pleased,
And some that our memories doesn’t want to fixed. 

In search of bliss, 
Ajirebi avoid evil, 
And his hair went bald. 
The dog saw mystery, 
And could only bark. 

In search of bliss. 
The goat meet Iya Oshogbo, 
And had it mirth unfold. 
The cow meet knife. 
And had it life deprived. 

In search of bliss. 
Insects meet insecticide. 
The ants stumbled under feet of sizes. 
Cockroach crumbled in premises, 
Where the mouse got it nemesis. 

In search of bliss, 
The water becomes tasty. 
Fruits got rotten. 
Foods couldn’t nourished, 
Souls that are hungry.  

In search of bliss, 
Rain heard people whined. 
Sun couldn’t entwined. 
Weather sauntered on eclipse,
Of people’s quibbles. 

In search of bliss. 
Waves becomes unhygienic, 
Carrying litters on land. 
Rays becomes unprolific. 
For not seeing people’s evil mind. 
In search of bliss. 
Peacock becomes prudent. 
Doves act becomes dense. 
Nightingale couldn’t sing melodious ballad. 
The koel couldn’t also sing aloud.
In search of bliss. 
Money lost value, 
Like a melted candle. 
Wealth beneath for peace, 
At poor man ease. 
Health becomes ill. 
Under struggling lids. 
Sweat becomes water, 
When strength drains faster. 

In search of bliss. 
We foraged with whatever we see. 
We cried and had our face rinsed, 
In the basin of emotional teardrops.  
Where our faith befalls.  

We marched on tweaking woods, 
And stamped on broken bottles. 
We stumbled on tree’s root,
And had our body tousled.

In search of bliss, 
To thrive where life deprived,
To meet bliss that blesses and pleased. 
You ought to retie the rope of your short, 
And fight with dedicated guts. 

Only Jesus can save you, 
And He only can make the journey, 
A blissful harmony, 
Like a money dew.

Amore David Olamide

Biography :
Born April 5,1995. Graduate of IRGIB Africa University. Studied Mass communication. 
Amore David Olamide,  is a revolutionary columnist and a poet that writes literally in parabolic style, orature genre and seen see scenes in epical dynamism of traditional epilogues, eulogies and captivating artistic poetry, in coded fashion. 


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