NO MORE EXCUSE! by Aremo Olalekan

I appreciate God for the opportunity to be a blessing to mankind through this platform and I trust that as you read, God Himself will stir a desire to be all that God has created you to be in this life in Jesus name!

I have always been tripped by a funny mix of females in the scriptures. From the meek and lowly Abigail to the wild Jezebel, or the promiscuous and deceptive Delilah to the bold Deborah. They are women in the bible that I have learnt life principles from.

We live in a generation where females hang between two extremes, one is the need to prove that they are better than their male counterparts and another is where they allow the guys take the lead, ‘there’s limit to what I can do as a female’ they say to themselves. I want this article to remind you that your being a female has NO LIMITATION whatsoever. You are the one who is limiting yourself with your excuse!

Let’s look at a group of ladies in the scriptures that challenge and changed a status quo in a male dominated world. They are called the ‘Daughters of Zelophedad’, heard of them. You can find them in the book of Numbers25-26.

After the Israelites entered into the promised land, it was time to share the inheritance, but the standing law was that the inheritance had to be shared amongst the male members of the family, unfortunately, Zelophedad, who was dead at this time had only five daughters, which implies that they were not going to get any part of the inheritance. What did these five girls do? Did they whine about how life was unfair then went home to sulk and complain some more? Did they complain about how the nation wasn’t treating the female population well? No! They refuse to accept this norm, and despite the fact that it was the way things were done, they chose to do something about it and it paid off, not just for them, but for the generation that came after them.

They presented their case to Moses their leader, who in turn presented same to God and God reverted the law and established that families with female children only should be allowed to also inherit. Imagine these five ladies hadn’t spoken out, imagine if they had kept quiet and nagged about how the policy wasn’t favoring them, nothing would have changed.

My dear lady reading this, please know that you are created to establish and change something in this world, stop using your femininity as an excuse for inaction, choose to take action today and see how it turns. NO MORE EXCUSE!

Be sure that you won’t just be doing yourself a favor by taking that step, you could just be doing the whole humanity a great favor!
Stay CHIC.
I love you!

Aremo Olalekan

Aremo Olalekan is a lover of God and people. He is a life coach, blogger, writer and speaker. He has a God-driven passion to be a blessing to females, hence he is the convener of HMC, a female-oriented conference.


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