NO LIMITATION by Tolulope Oloyede


The walls of Jericho broad and straight

The cedars of Lebanon thick and great

Together, let them a mighty alliance make

There is no limitation still

Oceans mightier than the red sea

The Alaska gulf where two oceans meet

Let them collide in their rage and powress

There is no limitation still

Sarah, Hannah and Rachel

With wombs enclosed not because they were infidel

At due season, they brought forth wonderful fruits

There is no limitation still

Ask Rahab the prostitute

Dirts, uncleanness and shame her life constituted

His saving grace found, cleansed and purified her

There is no limitation still

The multitude were distressed by hunger

Five bakeries and two boats of fishes will never do theses hungered

But five loaves and two fishes did the wonder

There is no limitation still

Paul and silas bounded in chain, locks and keys

Though in great distress, their praise they proclaimed abroad still

Like magic, the chains broke off like flax and wool

There is no limitation still

So complicated and frustrating the case may seem

To north and south answers you might have gone to seek

The Alpha and Omega I’d employ you go back to meet

Because to our mighty God’s deeds

There is no limitation still

Tolulope Oloyede

Biography :
Tolulope Oloyede is a young lady and a student at the prestigious Lagos State Polytechnic in Nigeria.
She obtained her National Diploma in Accounting in 2014 and is currently
running her Higher National Diploma. Recently, she concluded her one year industrial
training with America International Insurance Company(AIICO) situated in Nigeria where she has acquired so many skills in management.
She is an indigene of Ogun state in Nigeria but resides in Lagos state.


2 thoughts on “NO LIMITATION by Tolulope Oloyede

  1. Yea.Sister.There Is No Limitation Whatsoever Except You Put Them There Yourself.I Feel You.You Are Deep.The World Needs The Likes Of You.More Inspiration In Jesus Name


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