GAIA by Joe Cempa




I Saw an Angel



Joe Cempa


I saw an angel today

at our Lady of Guadalupe


Charitic charismatic offer from nuns and social worker


to soul survivor women of street

self last, dealing with mental indifference

dealing with lost

some times Demonic Cost, Drug loss,


but I saw that angel today,


as I swept-and raked-and cleaned,

duties of this Temp Job scene


a grace

a blessing I felt to this sad little earth space,


grace of a Queen! Magdalene! She brought to now…

Silent she strolled the raked soil grounds,

beauty with a leather bound Bible clasped tight in hands,

head rapidly bobbing, nodding, body rocking as she sat under the self-shelter

of a cross crowned archway entry,




muttering God’s Scriptural words that fixed her,





Angel stood on my leaf-clean-grass

gazed to Heaven

gazed at and searched beauty clouds,


angel smiled,

began a slow graceful clap

of hands,



beat that made abeat





she smiled


and hummed, beauty soul of loss happy now

memories filling her again,


I watched,

beauty face of empty to the sky


imagined her thoughts of pleasant times of past


mental reflection

from the mind’s eye

of a mind not there


some feel…


but I saw I know

thoughts of then

she felt as she slowly clapped and



young girl of eight or so

hair braided

glorious luster

of care

Sunday best,

pleated dress


clapping and smiling!

An angel then,



forty years later


she is still








Mother dieing,

mother death

Joe Cempa


the goddess under our feet

mother earth,


our “mother” is so much more;

rivers, tributaries, as


carry her, (our) blood to her (our) ancestral ocean’s heart,

yet, mother now treated as a whore.


and cast, and spent

we’ve shaved, cut, destroyed

her gorgeous green locks,

dug into her brown skin like bloated parasitic ticks,

ripped, ruined, raped, pillaged her

life giving


slowly melting the Coolest Mother


filled her lungs, and


with an abomination of poison

someones self wealth, but,





But soon

she’ll shed us


the parasitic

self apocalyptic germs and microbes of waste,


cleanse her body

rejuvenate soon, soul clean,

be the Gaia, the Mother again!




and sit down

with God and ask,

“What Now?!”

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