Hail Mary!
Mother of Saint,
Bequeath thy taintless belly,
We entrust our faith.
Blessed be thy womb,
That begot the medicine,
Which gives healing,
To the whole world wound.
Holy Mary! Mother of Virgins,
On thy pietic Legacy,
The pure ones are standing.
Your consecrated fettled scarf,
They worn on their head,
Their natural reproach You cinch to veiled,
Protecting their pride from been sacrileged.
Honour to You, oh! Goddess of Divinity,
If goddess were God,
We shall set a holy altar for thee.
Thy perplexing beatitude,we shall choose to worship,
Like that of OLODU son of OMARE,
Who sat on the Craddle of heaven,
Where every Creatures was made,
From clay into shapes.
Holy Mary! Blessed art thou among women,
How the Holy spirit impregnated thee,
Strike a raw nerves on the Bible mystery.
Thy ucanny conception,
Dr.Luke give not the description.
In thy virgin womb,
Gabriel cull to sow the Seed,
Seed which grew from a tiny fetus,
Later turned into a resurrected Jesus.
Hallowed to You!
Thou who conceive as a Virgin
Despite thy Virgiity blood is yet unspilled.
Holy Mary; Oh! Woman of Virtue,
If Saint are to live again on sand,
We shall crave thee as a Mother,
To suck thy benign breast of Sacredness,
Which the Nazareth King fed from.
Thy ascetic moral Wholeness,
We shall cast our die on.
Maria! Our enduring examplinary of faith,
Despite thy Holy Son end up in tragedy,
Thou held fast thy Messiahship belief.
Thy soul suffereth loss and grief,
When the prophesed sword pierce thy heart,
Yet thy foot stoodfast,
At the Golgotha of thy Son Sacrifice.
Hail Mary! Our great Confidant,
In thy blessedness and holiness,
We tap our Confidence.
Remember it is in thy Son,
Our Faith is enveloped.
Help us when we are helpless,
Give us solace in times of distress.
Salvage thy Son’s Temple,
From this end time tragedy.
Make our Feet stand firmly,
That in heaven we might see thy glory.

Up! up! We climbed,
Down! Down! We declined.
On longitudunal step of twelve,
Where calendar nutured daily week like pet.
Nature fed our nose with his air,
Echoeing tales of good fortune on our ear.
Our eye glanced the reincanation of his glory,
Living on our tongue to spew his goodness and mercy.
Yes,He has done it again,
Our liberty has been liberated from the cave.
His mercy sprinkled on our sin like rain,
Slaying down reproach, with his arrow of faith.
We paved farewell to the erst-while year,
Gracefully ushered, into calendar of good health.
His victory sword triumphs for us, the puzzle of the day,
Engufing our heart with gratitude and praise.
Oki Kehinde Julius is a prolific writer and poet, who hails from
Okitipupa, in Ondo state. He is a Christian and an undergraduate
engineering student.
Okilux, by poetic name, is a renowed poet, who has won laurels, in both
spoken words slam and written context. He won “The most Influencial Best Poet of The Year 2015” this year in a competition organised by THE PARAGON POETRY CONTEXT.
He was inducted,into the “Community Of Thought And Society” in
2015, where He is currently awarded, as the WriterII of the league”. He
was rated among the top 30 page poet that rock 2015 by BLACK PRIDE
MAGAZINE. He was also nominated as one of the 168 writers in the
world that rock 2015 by TUCK INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE.


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