MY PREGNANCY by Tanimonure Richards Adewale


From my famous unknown
This greatness seed being sown
In soonest birth of pregnant time
Will tower tall, travel all of earth’s clime
As my daddy a mirror of the future to see
In delight of destiny fulfilled in glossy glee

For, once upon a past in backlog of years cast
He was a famous unknown, never tipped to last
In his delivered destiny, a mockery of his greatness
Yet famous in time’s pregnancy, the birth to await; yes,
At God’s own day of labour, a billion reasons to savour
In children of RCCG, many world nation parishes of flavour.

He kept it on; he kept it strong
The years were singing scorns of song
His eyes were carefully casted on the heavenly hills
Where his unseen help await, a stun of surprise in spills
His hardwork was faithfulness
His heart was core gratefulness
His sweat poured profuse of premium prayers
His faith marched on against worries and cares
And the silent loud Word watched and kept on his work
Of the great delivery of destiny in sand like flock

Today, his name commands respect, the highest one
His face, a fire of desire deepest, in inspiration, many a ton
His words, written or spoken, billions of loves and buys
His prayers, fiery fires that sires demons’ fears, quakes and cries.

Such is my mirror of him, a future like that to see
I am faithful with the hardwork; I am grateful of its glee
And my eyes perches firm on the never changing hills
My stuns of surprise to come; pour in profuse spills.


Tanimonure Richards Adewale

Tanimonure Richards Adewale is one of Nigeria’s finest emerging poets, rocking the world with his art. His works sweetens and deepens the mind in fruity fragrance of writes and this has endeared him to good poetry lovers. He is from Abeokuta, Ogun State, where he is based and his poetry can be enjoyed on


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