I was cross-checking the resolutions I made last year ahead of this year, then a question popped up in my mind. Is resolution just the solution?
I made many resolutions last year but I didn’t accomplish any. I know many people are in the same shoe that’s why this write-up is here for you.

Making resolutions is as simple as imaginig it in your mind. Almost everyone on planet earth makes one resolution or the other but at the end of the year they still remain the same.
So what is (are) the solution(s)?
As the question popped up, I got a solution instantly. We need to move beyond just making resolutions. I have two solutions. The first solution is following the steps below
Dream it
Set Goal’s
Plan your goals
Act on your plans
Actions become Reality

Now let’s do some Evaluation on the five Key stages

Dream: Dream comes with what we want to feel at the end of the year. “I want to be a great writer like Timi Adigun starting from this year” that’s a dream. Dreaming is an easy thing to do that’s what motivates our goals

Goal: Now you’ve dreamt, you need to proceed to making your goals. The power of turning your dreams to goals is that, it keeps our level of hopes high.
How do I set goals?
You set goals by:
1. Asking God for help (Acts 3:5, 2Corinthians 9:8)
2. Making sure your goals are not set not leading to hopeless hopes (proverb 23:18)
3. Making your goals prior to what you want to achieve (Proverbs 24:14).
Setting your goals would be easy if you follow the above principles. After considering all that, write out your goals. An unwritten goal is a goaless goal, so write them out.

Plan: Having set your goals, the next is to make plans. When you break down or strategize your goals that’s planning.
A popular quotes amongst students says “if you fail to plan you are planning to fail”. When you break down your goals, your dreams has a high level of actualization.
A lot of people encounter difficulties in line with their goals when they don’t make plans. Work out your goals by planning.

Act: Action entails you put all the written down goals and plans made into practice.
Action is needed to make your planned goals dreamt work out. Action brings about reality. For your plans to be in action you need to act on your plans. Take that drastic step in actualizing and achieving your desired goals.

Reality: When you take action on your plans, they become real. Reality is the reward obtainable when the other steps has been adhered to. To make your dreams come true follow the former steps.

Let’s assume “my dream is to be a great writer”. My goal for that is to have a lot of write-ups. I will make plans for that by maybe tasking myself with atleast two write-ups every week. I will take action in accomplishing that dream. At the end of everything it will come to pass.
It’s just a simple logic that will take a lot of discipline

Now to the second solution.
We mostly make New year resolution which affect us a lot. How I wish we can take every new day seriously the way we take the new year serious.
The way we make plans for every new year, in that same spirit we should also make new day plans. For every new day there should be a goal, to be accomplished.
Break down your new year goals to an everyday goal. At the end of everything you would be surprised at what you would have accomplished within a month.
The bottom line is set goals for everyday that comes by, not just set the goal, but accomplish it.

Prince Orji

Orji Prince lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a God-Crazy Youth, a blogger, a writer, a spoken word poet reaching out to a whole lot of Teens and youths.


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