UNCONDITIONAL LOVE by Awonusi Temitope Aina

   L .O. V. E is a four letter word that has been playing a vital role in human existence to the extent that whatever one’s actions are ,it would be  judged right or wrong due to the presence or absence of love. Many have tried to find definition to this word and in the process of not getting it,they either give their own definition or they subscribe to the definition given to it by others.

        Love has been defined as having a strong feeling or caring about someone and it has also been defined as a strong feeling of liking,especially combined with sexual attractions,but the question is, can we say that this definition summarizes all what love is? With these definitions people especially youths have a stereotyped view of what love is, they also subscribe to what has been portrayed to them as love through movies, music, novels, etcetra. But I realised that many who fall prey to what has been portrayed by these media end up unsatisfied, they still do not have a grasp of what love is so they end up falling back into what they think is love without them having a full understanding of what love is. IF sex or an indecent relationship with the opposite sex does not explain what love is,then what is Love?

         Many youths are tired of hearing that God is Love,probably because they have heard it a thousand times or probably because they are so conversant with the quote of John 3:16 that it has become a cliche to them. John 3:16 unknown to many youths reveals what love is and how it should be practiced,but despite this revelation, God’s love is still beyond our human understanding. For instance,let’s imagine a young man who at the age of 33 has achieved a lot for himself,he is also very handsome,famous,wealthy,humble, selfless and above all ,he has a right standing with God. Prior to all these qualities , he left a greater place which cannot be described with words of mouth to dwell with some set of people who could be referred to as his slaves,with that not being enough, he had the sole purpose of dying for these people who were not even up to his standard here on earth,he died for the crimes they committed, not because of  the crimes he committed. Create an image of this man and try to put your self in the shoes of this man who was selfless enough to leave a greater place and also die for others,will you not condemn the law which made it possible by referring to it as an unjust law? Will you not call the man stupid? Relax and think about this and you will be awed by the quantity of love this this man had for this people, that is if such love can be quantified. This is what love is, therefore,this is the footstep we should follow.

        From what jesus did for us on the cross of calvary, we understand that love is meant to be selfless, and a selfless love will not ask of you what you are not supposed to give or what you do not have, anyone who therefore claims to love,but does not follow the footsteps of the One whose name is LOVE is incapable of loving others, but the door is always opened to learn from the master(JESUS) what love truly is and this can be done through the word of God.

Awonusi Temitope Aina

Awonusi Temitope Aina was born on september 29, a student of The University of Ibadan, Nigeria. An undergraduate of the department of philosophy presently in 300level.


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