It is no news; every human was made specially. Designed specifically for a purpose. You must have heard it everywhere! I don’t need bore you with that but I just need remind you, for the sake of proper teaching; God INTENTIONALLY created you.

God made you for his vision, it is the essence of your very existence. Running from this is running farther from green pastures into the wilderness. God as mighty as He is, takes pride and believes in you to make fulfilled the desires of his heart. You can’t afford to lose focus of that. Assignments are to be done, projects are to be implemented, lands are to be covered and recovered. God wants to make you accountable for what he’s up to. See, he counts on you.

There are lots of ways he comes through to make this things known to you. Inner convictions, experiences that lead to revelations, burning desires to see things done differently, deep interest in a particular thing amongst others. The day you start to feel this unusual sensations in your heart, thoughts in your head, and a lifting in your spirit, then God instantaneously starts to form images in your mind. Images in your mind about what is yet to be, images on how to go about bringing those thoughts to fruition. Here is when you say you have imaginations. Your imaginations turn to fantacies, then depending on how serious you take it, you have them turning to dreams. Now, dreams are not usually as certain as people think. Its like running a race, dreaming is when you think the finishing line is there but it’s not. Vision, However makes it known that surely there is a finishing line. So when images are formed in the mind, it’ll not be on the basis of assumption but on certainty. This is why the Bible says:

“Write the Vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end”. -Psalm 37-4A

Your vision has an end which is the appointed time, so if there’s an end, then it’s real. You can not create your own dreams and tell me you have a vision. Only God can go to the future and prepare something. He only puts you in the beginning to start what he already finished. So, looking unto other people’s vision as the basis for your dreams will lead to a void end.

Here is why it is Very Important to verify the authenticity of any dream you might have. A vision has to be something your life can never be without. Vision-driven people are passionate racers. It’s either that, or nothing else. People with vision do not quit at the face of daunting circumstances.  They are always up to something. They are always thinking about something.

I want to tell you, there are short term visions and long term ones, you should know that those steps are what leads you to fulfilling purpose. It’s a process you have to follow through. In this piece, you’ll be made to understand how you can transform yourself into an asset, where through discipline you reach into God’s continual plans for you.



“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean unto your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge him, and he will make straight your path”. Matthew 19:26

This is the first and MAJOR step. You can not fulfil divine destiny on your own, you need the divine light of God. The first thing is to seek God’s face, and the promises he holds for your life. Every thought must be brought before him, every dream must be tested before him, every heart desire must be communicated to him first. The lead scripture says, acknowledge him in ALL your ways and only then can he make your paths straight. Which means, you won’t have to go through unncessary bends and holdups-it will be straight and fast. Even when you have a God-given Vision, a disconnection from God is an automatic disconnection from that vision. This is why men who are not in God go on endless struggles, they want to shine without the light-source, impossible. Now let me inform you, men of vision are relentless not only because they are certain but because they have a power backup. Which is God! They don’t get depressed, discouraged at circumstances because as the scripture says, they trust God with all their heart. Your own understanding will fail you, without God, there’ll be no joy, inner peace, calmness and this and more are prerequisites for ‘purpose achievery’. So, first thing is God, with him, you have everything, the resources needed, the right men will come, finance will show up. Don’t go running to men, telling everyone you have a dream. “For a dream comes with much business, and a fools voice with many words”. James 4:13-15. Jesus said I must be about my father’s business, this shows any vision from God is a kingdom business. Any person that goes about talking without action is considered a fool. So when God throws a vision at you; he expects you to throw it back to him-it’s biblical sense. God is the author of all possibilities.


“Write the Vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end-it will not lie. If it seems, wait for it-it will surely come; it will not delay”. -Psalm 37-4

A vision requires running. It’s an appointment. When you have an interview for a major contract, you don’t get late to the meeting place, you don’t act sluggishly. You diligently run. Vision is an appointment with God you can not afford to lazy about. It then says, write the Vision down, make it plain, so whoever sees it may run with it. In other words, ‘draw a map, that’s what will show the way, run with it’. A map shows direct direction to a place. So without a map from God, you are liable to miss it. In fact, when you start having people come into your vision, they need that map to know where you are going so that they might run with it. This means that you pick a pen and write it down in a book, a special place. You had better do that. God writes too. He wrote the ten commandments on tablets, he impresses his will on the hearts of men, he made the Bible to be written. We’re running with God’s vision because he had written it down. If he takes writing that important, you should too.


“…forget what lies behind, stretch forward to what lies ahead”. 2 Chronicles 15:7b (paraphrased)

God had plans for Lot and his family, he needed them to forget their past for a better future, yet his wife looked back and you know, she became a pillar of salt. If you will run fast, you have to go light. Unnecessary things will cause havoc, they will slow you down till you get tired and worn out. Abraham left his father’s house that he might be shown the land God had for him. There has to be a time in your life where there’ll be a detachment from the very things you grew up with. Without these detachments, you sure can not have any advancement. You will come to a point where there has to be that choice between your vision and your relationships. You’ll have to choose between your vision and some habits, traits and characters.

The call of God is a call to life, if you don’t run with this, you will be eased out of the race. You’ll have to forgive your past, regardless of what’s happened there. You can not carry nothing into something nor should you carry garbage into the treasure house. Your vision is the most important call for your life, and your past is very insignificant to the significance in your future. Let go of the load.

4.) BUILD and PLAN

The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty” Philipians 3:3-14

It is said, run with the vision. Isn’t it confusing when it says here that hastiness (being fast) leads to poverty after saying, run with the vision. Don’t be confused, it says here also that the plans of the diligent leads to abundance. God is a big time architect. He is the author of adequate preparation, he is the father of careful planning. Diligency is required in all things that seeks success, in diligence, planning is involved.  When the Lord wants his people to win a battle, he draws up for them and shows them, his plan. He has the power to send down fire from heaven and destroy the enemies but he prefers to see men act out his will, because that is what we were made for.  It says the plans of the diligent leads to abundance, the hastiness of everyone leads to poverty. Note that. It means a visionary who doesn’t plan is no different from people without vision, and he can not be called a diligent man. I repeat; the plans of the ‘diligent’ leads to ‘abundance’, the ‘hastiness’ of ‘everyone’ leads to poverty. People with vision must have timely goals and laid plans or else, they’ll be added up and might get lost with the crowd.

A man of God said, “Goal setting is a spiritual principle, not a management strategy”. I strongly agree with him. Writing your goals down is the first earthly manifestation of your life’s vision.Writing your vision, making it runnable with. So whoever will run with you has to see how the little things will add up. It is very important. Have goals for days, weeks and months. God expects you to have enough Biblical sense to continually draw plans so you won’t disappoint him, you must be  a faithful steward. Every end of the year, I lay down goals of what is to be done.

In December 2014, I wrote down my per 2015 goals. As a writer, I would write standard, publishable 365 articles, one for each day. Come up with insightful 3, 000quotes and also complete a drama piece I’m (was) working on, ‘Bright Colours’ before Dec. 2015 ends(ed).

December 2015 night, I evaluated all. Now, here’s to challenge someone, teach someone, inspire someone that you can not afford to settle less. I managed to write 322articles, completed my drama piece, Bright Colours, some people have read it, great comments… And also wrote over 2, 000quotes.

I didn’t meet up with some of this writing goals, but I well did well. I. wouldn’t have written up to that extent if I didn’t make that CONSCIOUS DECISION, writing down what I wanted in my life as a writer for the year.

Goals are important part of life’s vision-success. Now, you write goals for yourself, you don’t have to show anyone. And this will be things you do out of the public gaze. No one has to see me writing now, but yet I’m building up to influence the world positively. The vision is yet for an appointed time, run with it. Any goal you have, work on it and except people are involved, tell no one but stay true to it.

I want you do the same. Your daily practice is what totals up at the end of the week, month and year. Write your vision down and follow it through. Don’t keep them in your mind. After that, pray about it and then be diligent. Each year, you evolve from one level of glory to another, with a conscious decision from you.

Only by then, can you enlarge your coast and be more of a blessing to the world.


Aina ‘Mayowa (fondly called Pema) is a young man who is passionately enlightening & illuminating the world with the light of Godly possibilities. He strongly believes that a connection to God births forth the total life. He has been sent to compassionately make this truth known to all nations of the world; using various divine initiatives. His entire life evolves around this mandate.



  1. Nice one Pema, this is really fantastic. How I wish everyone should be touch with this message. I’m blessed up after going through everything. I also give God the glory for the grace to read and at the same time understand it all. It’s indeed a blessing to me. God bless Pema
    God bless TCC
    God bless me too.

    Keep it up bro, and keep the fire burning.

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  2. This article offers an excellent analysis of how I may best use God-given abilities, interests, and passions. I truly enjoyed reading it.

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