FIVE SHADES OF CHRIST by Kanyinsola Olorunisola


I wandered in the dead of the night
My weary feet could not lead me right
The glow of the moonlight was now dim
And I longed for an angelic beam
I did cry as thorns pierced my bare feet
My unsheltered body, the rain beat.

I was being led into a dark hole
Hopeless, my poor heart began to roll
My spirit sank deep in the pool of sin
Tried to fight it, but was too weak to win
Now,the moon was gone,the sky was black
I fell into the hole, grimy and dark.

I hung in the air and was pulled up
He held out an over-flowing cup
I saw him not, for he was too bright
His garment emitted a white light
“This is the undying mercy of God
For I have paid with my sweat and blood”

A bright halo appeared over me
And a new cause and hope did I see
I knelt before him and wept with joy
Felt like a born-anew baby boy
I bathed in his exceeding grace
I knew now, that I would win the race.


A Saviour;
Helping me when hope is gone
And when sorrow clouds my sun
Protecting me from life’s horror
Always making me a conqueror.

A Gaurdian;
Shielding me from the evil arrow
Who else if not Him will I hallow?
Commanding His all-powerful army
To fight my fierce battles for me.

A Father;
Burning my doubts,burning my fears
Caring for me,through all the years
Of agony and hopelessness
Loving me with steadfastness.

A Friend;
Going with me everywhere I go
Giving me hope when there is woe
Listening to me when I pout and complain
Giving me love I could no other way obtain.

Christ He Is!
Died for me before I was born
Before I came,the battle he had won
Even if I swim in the pool of sin
He still the one on which I can lean.

Kanyinsola Olorunisola

Kanyinsola Olorunnisola is a poet and essayist. He is proudly Christian, as his faith spreads out through his work. He is yet to win any award worth boasting about. His works can be found here:


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