WE BECAME LEGEND by Elemide Benjamin


I remember my bottom of lies have sat on scornful seats,
Let out silent noises that are terror to peaceful nose pits.
It sat hypocritically in the congregation of the righteous
And frankly mock angels worshipping in glorious cassocks.

I remember how unwilling feet dragged unyielding body parts
Down the isle of repentance after promenading sinners’ paths,
Stood confidently in shameful counsels and trekked miles in
Compromised routes that made wanderer in wilderness of sin.

I remember the transmutation from being wolf to lamb
As old nature lost its grip at the sight of saviour’s palm.
I cannot forget how often I fell into holes of dirt and filth
Making my white fur splotched with mud, and mind with guilt.

I remember I was taught to walk with Him, remedy for fall.
Falling is act of walking without Him, or working without a call.
I learn to grow by feeding on living bread and living water,
The satisfaction that feed righteous thrust and hunger.

I remember His Spirit, for teaching and remembrance;
To teach ancient testament, and pray in cognizance
Of the new covenant of love that graces my soul with hope
So that when eternity comes, I will remember he helped he cope.



Word made all

By his words

All was good.

Word made dust

Dust turned man

Man breathes word.


Sin fell man

Man lost God

God hate sin.


God loves man

Sent his Word

Made in flesh

To fight sin.


Word won sin

In victory.

Word touched twelve


Twelve turned men

Who wrote word

As Gospels

To save world

From judgment

With his word

Or condemn


With his sword!





Despised, reproached,
And lonely, I lived, as
Stick in the thick before
Fate arrived in search
Of me, to scrap sky of cloud.
I don’t know why it came, I don’t know where,
I don’t know how, but it came with axe, and I
Stumbled and fell. I was butchered in pieces like
Poetry into verses, and was made an art of dying.
I saw him, wounded, and bruised. Wide,
in love, I opened
My arms, my soul,
My heart, my all,
And embraced him.
I saw nails skewered
Him to me, and my
grief to my soul. I saw
hammer betrayed
The carpenter, and
Me. But, I became
His companion for
Lonely hours. Together,
We both became
legend, and history
Of immortal love
For humanity.


Elemide Benjamin is a student of Biochemistry at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, FUNAAB. He loves God, and His handiwork.



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