THE ECHO OF A SHEPHERD by Geneton-Newton Dumebi


My heart bleeds every time I see a lost soul
My soul cries out, yearning for their attention
Hoping that one day, just one day, they would hear me
I desperately wait for them
I earnestly wait on them
I continually pray for them
What more can I do? I ask myself
My sheep keep going astray
How could they have done this to themselves?
I have done all I could
I mean! I left them the treasures of universe nothing contrary
But yet, they still perverse over the ordinary
If only they knew how much they mean to me
My love I have given, freely beyond measure
My joy I have driven, deeply with all pleasure
They need to know that even with all these,
I love them!
All of them, I truly love with no exemption
One day, I know my lost sheep will return
With all conviction and no doubt in sight
And I know,
My heart will bleed no more
My soul will cry out for joy
For my own has returned to me.


He came, he conquered
He came, he saved
He came, he redeemed
He came, he justified
He came, he magnified
He came, he glorified
He came, he sanctified
He came, he salvaged us from sin
He came and now we live
He came and we perceive the fragrance of grace
He came and we have received glory
He came that we might conceive, through him eternal life
The man named Jesus!
The man who died for our redemption
The man who cried for our salvation
The man who bled for our justification
The man who in his awe paid for our reconciliation
The man named Jesus!
Without him no life
Without him extreme strife
Without him no eternity
Without him no immortality
Without him no perpetuity
With him no exceptionality
The man named Jesus!
The man who fell, that we might stand
The man who in all majesty and splendor brought us out of darkness
The man who called us his own
The same man who broke the law of gravity
The man who today science cannot decipher
The man named Jesus!
The prince of peace
The lord of lords
The great one
The son of God
The man named Jesus
My best friend

Geneton-Newton Dumebi

Geneton-Newton Iyeke Dumebi is a student of Economics at Babcock University. She is a poet and songwriter.


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