Strength vs Wisdom by Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

He is stout and hefty;
I am slim and lanky.

He’s swift like a hare
And like the lion, bold.
I’m slow like a snail
And crafty like a snake… 

…And they came
An army of circumstance.
Thud! Thud!! Thud!!!
They hit him They hit me
They beat us front, back and centre. 

With a furious roar
He charged at them.
He took them all
Tearing down delay.
Knocking off all that blocked his way.
Breaking records…

I recoiled into my shell
And laid still.
They bombed, they shelled,
I stood still Like a moron.
Their strength exhausted
Their strategies exhausted,
I attacked.
Like lightening I took ’em by surprise;
A single sting
And they’re down.

He returned, worn and spent.
Life’s battle tells on him.
I saw wrinkles
I saw scares of sore wounds,
I saw had-I-known
Sitting on his lips. 

I returned. I won, got strength.
Life’s battle tells on me Too, but
They saw dimples
As I clutch awards. 

Power was his pride
Wisdom was mine.
His’ was intoxicating
Mine taught me patience.

  Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu a young Writer, Poet and poetry tutor. He is an Igbo from Abia State but was born in Kano State, Nigeria . He has a flair for poetry. Started writing at a very tender age of 5 to 6 years. Wrote his first real poem when  he was 15. He blogs at Prose &
Poetry Hood –  A literary website that promotes creativity.


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